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August  at Shidoni
August is here and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. We want to share  several of the new works by Shidoni's Artists.

We hope to see you again on your next visit to Tesuque. For those of you with friends visiting, be sure to tell them to stop by, enjoy the art and of course take home a bit of the magic.

The Gallery also offers sculpting supplies for those of you that are inspired to CREATE!

See you here,

Scott Hicks, President

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Shidoni's Tommy Hicks

A new book titled

Tommy Hicks"

by R.C "Doc" Weaver

R.C. Doc Weaver, artist and writer, has lived in New Mexico for the past 37 years. After moving to Santa Fe, Doc has had the opportunity to observe Tommy Hicks develop and build Shidoni Foundry into America’s premier art foundry. For Tommy, Shidoni has become a beautiful dream and obsession which he has nurtured to an unqualified success. Through good economic times and bad ones he always retained a great sense of humor, love of life and family, and a place where dreams come true.

Release date to be announced....

Shidoni's Sculpture Supply Store has a large number of hand tools, armatures, wire, calipers and other essentials available for sale.

Basic sculpting tools and supplies are also available for gifts to the aspiring sculptor in your family.




Some of the things we currently stock:

Shidoni's own blend of Casting Wax

Victory Brown Wax

Sprue Wax

Mold Making Supplies

Patina Chemicals


Oil Based Sculpting Clay

Sculpting Tools

Armature Kits and Wire

Safety Supplies

We have an ever expanding inventory of supplies including patina chemicals, tools, wax, rubber and plaster.

DON'T SEE what you need on the list? Call us! we'll find it for you.


Call:                 505-988-8001           505-988-8001 x 120




Meet The Artist
Saturday and Sunday August 20th and 21st.
Live Sculpting
Stephen E. Lee

The West is alive and well. There is no need to glorify or exaggerate everyday life for some of us.  My Bronze sculpture represents real ranch men and women as they go about their daily lives. Training a young horse, assisting first time mothers with their new born calves, and joining with neighbors for round-up are ranch occupations built on time-honored traditions.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to live a rural life.  Through my art, I hope to share these experiences.

Stephen was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, into a family with roots deep in the Southwest.  He was exposed to ranch life as a child and worked as a ranch cowboy as a young man. Stephen’s introduction to metal working began with the need to shoe his own horses.  Working in front of an anvil developed into a career in ornamental ironwork.  In turn, a desire for greater artistic expression led Stephen to explore sculpting.  His sculpture depicts contemporary cowboy life.

Susan Vertel

Geisha Grace 9/44

The figurative work of Susanne Vertel incorporates both spiritual and aesthetic elements into a synthesis of personal vision that has gotten her critical acclaim from both peers and collectors. Vertel comes from a premise that the figure is a vehicle for expressing the underlying and often unconscious deeper focus of the mundane activities of everyday life.

Although her representational work occasionally makes use of the male image, her focus is often the many faces of women.  From her austere Russian “Babushka” series to her graceful nudes, there is a thread of continuity, a going within, a peacefulness, that permeates much of her work and seems to touch an inner emotional space within the viewer.

Recently Vertel has completed and installed life-size bronze portraits of J. Robert Oppenheimer and General Leslie Groves, the military leader of the Manhattan Project.  These commissions were initiated by the county of Los Alamos, New Mexico.

McCreery Jordan

Special Preview of brand new work hot from the foundry.

"McCreery Jordan is known for her exquisitely painted, intensely lyrical art. Her style and subject matter are strictly her own, yet her constant experimentation keeps her work fresh and magical. Her mixed media pieces, in particular, reflect an astonishing ability to invoke both mystery and clarity".

McCreery has lived in Santa Fe since 1993. She has conducted workshops throughout the United States for the past twenty years and imparts her passion for art to her students while teaching them the solid skills that are at the heart of her own work. She is proficient in oil, acrylic, encaustic, and bronze, and she frequently combines them for maximum effect. She frequently works billboard size.

Jordan's work has appeared in many publications, most recently in New Mexico Millennium Collection “ A Twenty-First Century Celebration of Fine Art in New Mexico. She shows her work in galleries, museums, and invitationals (most recently in Sorrento, Italy), and has garnered many awards and other honors. Her work is represented in many distinguished private collections worldwide.

She is a published poet and has produced two instructional art videos.

Craig Robb

When deciding what I would do with my life as a young man, being an artist never entered my mind. Instead, I utilized my creative talents in other areas spending a great deal of time avoiding the lure and temptation of making sculpture. It was here that I began gathering experiences and developing viewpoints about our world that are a prevalent part of my sculptures today. My imagery draws upon these experiences in life and the knowledge of materials garnered during that time period.

My sculptures are looked upon as a form of abstract imagery utilizing content laden objects. Many of my ideas stem from a fascination with how things are connected, both literally and figuratively. Originally, I worked with the box format as the basis for these sculptures but have expanded outward from those original constraints. I utilize space to create an intimate setting in which are filled with objects that I have made and those that I have found. The use of space is very important to this work. I am interested in how objects function within a given space; how they occupy it and the relationships created with the other objects in that space. These objects contain an inherent meaning or symbolism and yet they also hold an individualized meaning for different viewers. By combining these concepts, my sculptures then take on a meaning that is unique to each person who experiences them.

Phillip Glashoff


As a student of Agriculture Studies at California State Polytechnic University, Phillip Glashoff began his art career through the medium of sculpture.   He decided he wanted to create images that would have lasting impact and presence.  Influences connecting him to his background in agriculture took hold as Phillip began to salvage rusty machinery, fire extinguishers, compressor covers, motorcycle tanks, and other industrial farm implements that were abandoned and left for scrap.  This wealth of found material became the inspiration for the whimsical sculptures that Phillip is now famous for around the world.  Critics and collectors alike find his pieces to be full of both good will and humor; all the while melding the present with the past.

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