While on your Summer Vacation in Santa Fe….

We invite you and your friends to visit the most unique gallery in Santa Fe, Shidoni . We are located in Tesuque New Mexico with an eight acre garden and two indoor galleries. We are excited to announce several new works installed in the galleries and in the gardens by Troy Pillow, Patricia Aaron, Alex Watts, Phillip Glashoff, Gray Mercer and Eric Prada. You will be inspired to take them home with you. Be sure to ask about the ‘Convenient Payment Program’ so many or our clients have taken advantage of.



Shidoni's Sculpture Supply Store has a large number of hand tools, armatures and wire, calipers and other essentials available for sale.

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Troy Pillow

Troy Pillow
" Blue Sky"

Troy Pillow


The sculpture of Troy Pillow is a study in simplicity and movement. Using various metals, stainless steel and fused glass, he honors the materials through the elegance of design. Although Troy studied Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado, his work has developed primarily through experimentation and instinct.

There is a playfulness to Pillow’s work that is reminiscent of Calder or Miro, but there is also a respectful restraint in the design which is closer to George Rickey. Each design is distilled to its simplest elements. The sculptures have a lightness that plays with the air around them. They would be a great addition to any environment.

Pillow is a new resident of California, having experienced great success in his native Colorado. His work can be found in corporate collections, public art projects, select galleries and private collections throughout the country.


Alex Watts
"Awakening to Freedom...Returning Home"

Artist’s Statement
Varied philosophies, religions, art and cultural artefacts have given me inspiration, helping me to gain greater insight into the complexities and beauty of man’s soul.

There is a wonderful power and fascination for me, in ancient artefacts… from African art to Cycladic idols… It is not so much an outer resemblance but an inner provocative affinity I feel. There is a timeless presence about such work…. which I aspire to capture in my pieces…to create eternal poses which have a primeval presence.
I am trying to visualize the invisible, giving feelings substance so that they stir and inspire the viewer. People have to add part of themselves to make it work…they have to look into the work as well as at it.
I would like to think my work inspires and engages people on a conscious and subliminal level, by transcending everyday experience/reality, and leading them to contemplate a deeper understanding of the self. Therein hopefully finding rest, peace and joy.
I am inspired by the desire to try and produce pieces which can radiate a field of wellness to those around them…pointing to the source of transcendent wellness and radiance that is our constant potential. I feel there is a healing value in truthful, loving work.
I try to give expression to different states of being, tensions and emotions. I find it necessary to visualize what goes on inside of me. Through making, I have discovered new distances within myself…this feeling and joy of exploration and understanding is something I would like to share with, and promote within the viewer.
Images evolve through my physical, mental and spiritual experiences and journeys. Each piece is a unique exploration…to understand what I want to do with the piece I have to feel it, be it, and dance with it. There must be freedom! I cannot begin a piece until I have fully engaged my spirit… music, movement and stillness help me do this.

Gray Mercer
"Stone Arc #2"

Gray Mercer was born in New York, NY and received his BA in visual Studies and a BA in Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College in 1983. He also studied steel sculpture fabrication with Richard Friedberg in Soho, NY 1980. In 1983 he moved to Taos, NM where he currently lives and works. He produces a large body of work in outdoor vessels, and constructions. His body of work with large steel horses culminated in “Running Horses” a sculpture that marks the entrance to the Albuquerque Airport. Much of his current work includes monumental wood beam, stone and metal monoliths, which combine to make environmental installations. He has had numerous regional exhibitions notably Shidoni Gallery, Tesuque, NM and Carlsbad Museum of Art in Carlsbad, NM. His work is in private, corporate and public collections nationally

Artist Statement
Mercer began his “Wood Outdoor Environmental Installation Series” in 1988. A trip to the burnt forests of Montana sparked an interest in abstraction. What Mercer saw in nature awakened a language for him in the arts. The bold shapes of black wood create a three dimensional calligraphy in space.

Mercer’s sculpture creates an opportunity to listen, and to align or re-align oneself. They create doorways and passageways into a new world of place where two worlds meet. Depending on one’s point of view, the undulating surfaces reflect and absorb light. My hope is that you walk away with more than a one world experience of existence. Not to escape in any way, but simply to know that we have access to more. The possibility exists that everyone will cultivate a place for themselves, concrete or in their imagination. This place is a listening place so that they may seek alignment to the larger and greater mysteries of experience.

What is Time to the Desert

Don Wilson
"What is Time to the Desert "

Donald J. Wilson is a Northern New Mexico-based sculptor, furniture maker and sign artist. He states that art and artistic concepts were always a part of his furniture and sign making. He found himself growing less intrigued with business and more interested in art projects.  In 1990 he seriously began to direct his energies toward art and sculpture.

 Wilson’s major artistic influences are Marcel Duchamp, Willem de Kooning and his friend and mentor, sculptor Ted Egri.  Since moving to New Mexico a decade ago, he has often been influenced by the environment here and has used wood, steel, aluminum, stone and other materials to fabricate his sculptures and fountains.  The resulting pieces are frequently robust, organic and often humorous.

Monkey Elders

William Allen
"Monkey Elders"

I was raised in South Bend, Indiana and studied biology in college. What began as a night class in welding twenty years ago has become a lifelong passion. Having a particular fondness for nature, animals have been the focus of my art, although I'm also beginning to work with the human figure. My creations are as varied as the animal kingdom itself.

My sculptures are welded steel constructions. I begin by forming an intricate wire structure reminiscent of a three-dimensional line drawing. Attaching sheet steel of various shapes and textures to this surface, I develop a "skin" over the wire form. I expose and enhance surface texture and much of the interior space by keeping the structure open to the play of light.

This process, apparent in each piece, makes my sculptures inherently more appealing.  As the light changes, new forms and textures emerge, creating a constantly fresh, new piece. The sculptures are galvanized and copper coated for outdoor durability and patina.

I’ve been commissioned to create life-sized sculptures for the Brookfield Zoo, Detroit Zoo, Field Museum of Natural History and Busch Gardens. My work is included in private collections throughout the United States.

My work was also part of a recent show at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

I’ve won numerous awards for my sculpture, including twice receiving the Michigan Creative Artists Grant. Since an artist needs constant training and stimulation, I also study regularly at the Art Students League in New York.
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