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Feb 2021 Newsletter (Mar 2021)
01 Member download Leaders at our Member organizations who are driving corporate innovation in exciting ways Tom Gwinn Investment Manager | Evonik   "Corporate VC is much newer, and startups are less used to crafting stories that appeal to strategic investors. We are most excited about symbiotic opportunities, where we can contribute to a startup’s success as significantly as they can to ours." Tom Gwinn is an Investment Manager at Evonik Venture Capit

Jan 2021 Newsletter (Feb 2021)
Ahi Gvirtsman, Co-Founder & Chief Knowledge Office | Spyre Group

Dec 2020 Newsletter (Dec 2020)

Nov 2020 Newsletter (Nov 2020)
Masaki Hilaga, CEO, Morpho Inc.

Oct 2020 Newsletter (Oct 2020)
Dave Dowsett, Global Head of Emerging Technology & Intentional Innovation, Invesco

September Newsletter (Sep 2020)
Najla Al-Midfa, CEO, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa)

August Newsletter (Aug 2020)
Trevor Pawl, Chief Mobility Officer, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

July Newsletter (Jul 2020)
Cam Snaith, Co-Founder & Principal, Bleeker

June Newsletter (Jun 2020)
Gabor Szorad, General Manager - Home Delivery, Americana Group

May Newsletter (May 2020)
Stefan Pfandt, VP of Group Partnering & Business Development, Deutsche Telekom

April Newsletter (Apr 2020)
This Frontline issue is dedicated to COVID-19-related content.

March Newsletter (Mar 2020)
Lutz Stoeber, Investment Director, Evonik Venture Capital

February Newsletter (Feb 2020)
Kevin Kleist, Head of Emerging Trends, Southwest Airlines

January Newsletter (Jan 2020)
Didn't attend CES this year? Not to worry, we've got you covered. Hear from our team about all that we saw and experienced on-site at CES this year.

November Newsletter (Nov 2019)
John Stewart, Global Head of Scouting & Research, Royal Bank of Scotland

October Newsletter (Nov 2019)
Simon Figures, Head of Partnerships & Innovation, Standard Chartered Ventures

August Newsletter (Aug 2019)
Dai Watanabe, Managing Partner, Delight Ventures

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