The Frontline
Intel, news, and insights from the Silicon Foundry community. On tap this month: flying cars, enterprise software, hiring executives in a competitive market, and a conversation with our colleague Tops. 
Executive Recruiting
Hacking Hiring in a Competitive Market
Companies today are competing to hire c-suite leaders from a limited talent pool. We talked to Monica Bua, Managing Director at Morgan Samuels, about how firms can optimize the search process and find great people to lead their teams. 
Advanced Air Mobility
Are Flying Cars Actually Going to be a Thing?
Advanced air mobility promises a world where we all zoom around in Jetsons-style air taxis. While the industry has seen exciting developments, there are still major hurdles that mean adoption at scale isn’t possible just yet.
Meet the Team
When Opportunity Doesn't Knock,
Build a Door
Forging meaningful connections is second nature to our colleague Tapan 'Tops' Kataria. Learn how building strong relationships enabled him to become an entrepreneur, unlocked access to the venture world, and powers his work at Silicon Foundry.
Enterprise Software
Driving Customer Success Through Cloud
Native Enterprise Software Architecture
HCL Software is on a mission to drive customer success through relentless innovation. We spoke to Global Director of Strategy Mark Edwards about how they invest in, develop, and sell mission-critical enterprise software. 
Online banking is convenient, but it can also be impersonal. Check out this report from Filene Research Institute to learn how our colleagues Steve Gotz and Janina Lieser worked with community banks and credit unions to put people at the center of digital banking. 
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