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Intel, news, and insights from the Silicon Foundry community. On tap this month: why corporate venturing is an important sustainability lever, how executive candidates can hack the job search process, and what to consider when building a corporate venture studio. 
2021 Reflections 

As we count down the final few days of 2021, I’d like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank our Members, colleagues, partners, and everyone in our network for your friendship, support, and engagement.

Together we’ve navigated another year of uncertainty. Reflecting on the past twelve months, it might be said that the de facto theme for this year has been “two steps forward, one step back.” It’s hard to believe that it was almost exactly a year ago that the very first vaccine shots were delivered to frontline workers around the world. While the vaccines have proven to be incredibly effective, coronavirus variants persist and are generating new setbacks, even as the world continues to progressively (yet slowly) open. 

Despite these macro pandemic headwinds, Silicon Foundry has continued to grow and evolve this year. We’ve expanded the size and diversity of our Member base, our team of professionals, and the scope of services we deliver to our partners. Working remotely has made us appreciate opportunities to be together more than ever before. Being able to once again meet with our Members in person, host global visitors at our hub, and safely bring our team together were highlights of the year. While Silicon Valley remains our home and our day-to-day work will always take us across the globe, our professionals now span San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin, Boston, Miami, and New York / New Jersey. 

There is so much to be grateful for and excited about as we look ahead to 2022. Accelerating digital transformations, as well as the collaborations between corporates + startups that will prove a core component to so many of them, has never been more critical. We share a deep appreciation for our partners, passion for the opportunities we are privileged to catalyze, and a greater sense of impact potential than ever before. 

On behalf of our entire team here at SiF, we wish you, your colleagues, and your families a restful, safe, and joyous holiday season. We look forward to crossing paths and collaborating again together in the new year!

Neal Hansch, CEO

Thought Leadership
More and More CVCs Are Investing
in Climate Tech. Here’s Why.
Corporate venture capital can be a powerful lever for corporate sustainability strategies. Here’s why CVC units from multiple industries are expanding their scope and investing in climate tech.
Corporates: Planning to Build a Venture Studio? Overcome These Common Challenges
Corporate venture studios offer adjacent growth opportunities for companies—but they often encounter challenges with governance, culture, capital allocation, and talent. Here’s how to build a corporate venture studio that empowers entrepreneurs and their teams to thrive.
Hacking Hiring: Candidate Edition
Today’s job market favors candidates. Monica Bua, Managing Director at executive search firm Morgan Samuels, offers her advice on how executives can hack the hiring process, get the most out of their relationships with recruiters, and shape opportunities on their terms.
SHACK15: Building Community and Sparking Innovation Through Inspired Shared Space
SHACK15, a global members community based in Silicon Valley, offers a new kind of social space dedicated to entrepreneurship, community, and big ideas. Learn how they're bringing together founders, innovators, and changemakers. 
Building Relationships the World Over:
A Conversation With Eli Promisel
Silicon Foundry analyst Eli Promisel has packed a lot into life recently. Check out our Q&A to learn more about Eli’s global travels, interest in sustainability, and why he’s excited about joining Silicon Foundry.
Office Hours
Got Questions About Sustainability?
Ask Our Partner Erik Terjesen
Reducing emissions is now a corporate imperative, and companies are taking sustainability more seriously than ever before. Our resident cleantech expert, Erik Terjsen, can help. 
Erik has extensive experience in commercializing EV, solar, energy storage, and wireless technologies and in licensing, technology transfer, VC, and M&A. Reach out to learn more. 
Companies to Watch
We talk to hundreds of start-ups every month. These are the emerging players we think you should have on your radar screen.
Ample: You're not the only one who needs to recharge—your EV does too. Unicorn Ample makes that easier through modular battery swapping. Recent raise: $30 million. 
Droplette: We slap a lot of products on our skin, but how do you know if they absorb? Droplette is a device that helps your creams, gels, and serums actually get into your skin. Recent raise: $15 million.
MoonPay: Crypto just got a lot easier with MoonPay, which lets users buy cryptocurrency using credit cards. Valuation: $3 billion. 
Superhuman: Inbox zero is no longer a distant dream thanks to this email productivity startup. Recent raise: $75 million. 
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