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Intel, news, and insights from the Silicon Foundry community. On tap this month: expert advice on building corporate-startup partnerships that work, the latest in hyperlogistics, and observations from an unusual CES 2022.
Thought Leadership
Corporate-startup partners can be powerful engines for growth. We spoke to Professor Shameen Prashantham, author of Gorillas Can Dance, about how corporations and startups can overcome differences in pacing and scale and build effective partnerships. 
The omicron variant made this year’s CES a little different than usual, but it didn’t stop Silicon Foundry Analyst Eli Promisel from meeting interesting startups and forging meaningful connections. Check out his insights from the conference.
Companies are working to get their goods and service closer to customers, but there aren’t many last mile spaces available. Proximity-as-a-Service businesses can solve that—and they may change how we consume at the neighborhood and household level.
Hyperlogistics is an emerging industry that moves goods via a network of underground tubes. We spoke to Ben James, cofounder and CEO of Tubular Network, about how hyperlogistics offers a faster, cheaper, and automated way to get products where they need to go.
Trish Emhof, our Head of Operations, prefers to operate behind the scenes, but it turns out she has a compelling story of her own. We talked to Trish about moving to the Bay Area after a lifetime in upstate New York, what she learned from growing up in a large family, and why she's passionate about operations. 
Office Hours

Our colleague Chad Shuford is driven by curiosity and the awareness that anything is possible with proper motivation. He’s worked as a private equity executive, artist, entrepreneur, pit boss, software CEO, and music producer.  All that cross pollination means that Chad thinks across industries and spots opportunities that others don’t see.


Chad is responsible for surfacing peripheral opportunities and partnerships for our Members and our firm. He also spearheads our efforts to identify and build new focus areas and strategies. Whether you are a corporate looking to partner with startups or a startup seeking business development support, Chad can connect you with the people and companies you need to know.


Companies to Watch
We talk to hundreds of start-ups every month. These are the emerging players we think you should have on your radar screen.
Conduit: Launching DeFi products just got a lot easier. Canadian fintech Conduit is building out a set of APIs that enables neobanks and financial institutions to connect their customers with crypto-backed products. Recent raise: $17 million. 
DRESSX: Waltz into the metaverse in style with DRESSX, the largest digital fashion store that carries 3D clothing collections from contemporary brands. The LA-based startup recently launched its first digital and physical NFT drop. 
Mira: Can’t get to the jobsite? With augmented reality company Mira, the jobsite comes to you. Mira’s accessible and scalable AR solutions aim to transform productivity and enhance safety and oversight in industrial environments. 
Syndicate: Think investing should be decentralized and democratized? Syndicate does too. The decentralized investment management platform is developing investing and social networking protocols and just launched web3 investment clubs. Recent raise: $20 million. 
News Worth Reading (IMHO)
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