The Frontline
Intel, news, and insights from the Silicon Foundry community. This month we discuss how to optimize remote work, learn how companies can reach Latin American markets, and meet Associate Camille Manso.
Future of Work
Remote Work, Resilient Organizations,
and Better Lives
GitLab’s Head of Remote Darren Murph says companies that don’t embrace remote work will lose top talent. Check out his recommendations for making flexibility part of your company's day-to-day operations. 
New Markets
Expanding into Latin America?
Globo Can Help
Latin America offers a major market to global mediatech companiesbut they may not know the most effective ways to reach their target audiences. Globo, Latin America’s largest media group, can help. 
Meet the Team
Embracing Business After a Career in Law:
a Conversation with Camille Manso
Our colleague Camille honed her interest in innovation by managing her mom’s hair salon as a teenager and then went on to a career in transactional law. Learn how she pivoted to pursue impactful work at Silicon Foundry. 
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