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Intel, news, and insights from the Silicon Foundry community. On tap this month: pro tips for executives on the rise. We discuss how boosting visibility and working with a CEO whisperer can catapult senior leaders to the next level.
Thought Leadership
Executives, Here's Why You Need
a Next-Gen CEO Whisperer
Today’s best CEO whisperers don’t just dole out business advice—they world-build around executives, creating personalized ecosystems that equip senior leaders with the partnerships, platforms, groups, and introductions they need to meet their goals.
How Increasing Your Visibility
Helps Gain Consumer Trust
When executives raise their profiles, their companies benefit. Successfully boosting executive visibility requires senior leaders to tell their stories to the right audience, grow their networks, and show up in the cultural and professional spaces that matter. 
Office Hours
Got Questions About Executive Visibility?
Our Partner Sehr Thadhani Has Answers
Today's executives are public figures with large platforms who are expected to have opinions on politics, culture, and social justice. But for most executives, visibility doesn't just happenit has to be cultivated. 
Sehr Thadhani has worked with C-suite leaders at major companies to grow their visibility and influence, and can help you elevate your profile in a way that's authentic to you. Reach out to learn more. 
Companies to Watch
We talk to hundreds of start-ups every month. These are the emerging players we think you should know.
Alauda Aeronautics: This Australian start-up builds performance electric VTOL aircraft for racing. Its founder also created Airspeeder, the world’s first racing series for manned flying electric cars, modeled after Formula 1.
Genies: This avatar technology company is on a mission to bring the power of NFTs and crypto to culture. Genies provide consumers and celebrities with the tools to create high-quality avatars and raised a $65 million Series B round earlier this year.

Halo: This driverless electric car service is launching in Las Vegas this year and uses remote human pilots operating over T-Mobile 5G to drive cars to users. Halo is part of the 5G Open Innovation Lab
Reef Technology: This Proximity-as-a-Service company that turns parking lots into logistics hubs recently acquired Bond, an Israeli e-commerce logistics platform developer that offers access to hyperlocal delivery partners and micro-fulfillment centers. 
In the Press
How Invesco is Using Strategic
Scenario Planning to De-risk the Future
The rise of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 presents an existential threat to the financial services industry. Check out this article from Fund Operator to learn how Invesco US is working with Silicon Foundry to address emerging technologies and future-proof its business.
Crossing the 'Valley of Death':
Enabling Innovation in the U.S. Military
Start-ups working with the U.S. military face a 'valley of death.' Check out our piece for Spyre's corporate innovation magazine The Funnel on how innovation units are helping to bridge that gap and make it easier for start-ups and the military to work together.
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