Member Download: EY's Jeff Wong on Innovating through Disruptive Times 

"When we empower people with the tools to navigate disruption, we all end up better, faster, and stronger."

Jeff Wong
Global Chief Innovation Officer | EY

In times of disruption, Jeff Wong says, conventional thinking isn't enough. Learn how EY is embracing innovation and leveraging AI and blockchain to serve clients. 

Ecosystem Spotlight: How Halo Creates Connections that Drive Science Forward
"We make it as easy to post and respond to an RFP as it is to post and apply for a job on LinkedIn."
Kevin Leland
CEO | Halo
Meet the Team: John Zamora
"While instability in emerging markets' local conditions can slow progress more often than in developed markets, there's no shortage of excitement from resilient founders looking to build creative, localized solutions that address fundamental problems."
John Zamora
Associate | Silicon Foundry

John Zamora shares emerging market insights from scaling a fintech start-up in the Philippines and discusses the changing way we transact, invest, borrow, and save.

Watch Now: Anatomy of a SPAC Transaction

Want an inside look at InterPrivate’s recent deal with Aeva? Curious about the anatomy of a SPAC transaction? Join Silicon Foundry CEO Neal Hansch, along with leaders from InterPrivate, Aeva, NYSE, Credit Suisse, ICR, Lux Capital, and Morgan Stanley, for their recent webinar discussing the evolving SPAC landscape and market outlook. 

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