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Grace-Ann & Morgan,
the story of love and true rescue

Meet Grace-Ann, a 15-year old sophomore at Compass Academy.  Her story is both shocking and inspiring! Her family has 4 dogs - Charleigh (a 5- year old female lab/beagle mix), Tucker (a 4-year old male puggle), Frankie (2-year-old, 73-pound female boxer/lab mix) and Morgan (a 4.5-month-old, 50 pound, female lab).  Morgan, the puppy, was a Christmas present for the family and is essentially Grace-Ann's dog.  

Grace-Ann was in her room getting ready for school when she heard yelping from the backyard.  She was shocked when she saw Frankie had Morgan, the puppy, by the neck and was pulling her around.  Frankie and Morgan love each other and play constantly, so Grace-Ann thought Frankie was playing a little too aggressively for Morgan.  She realized immediately that this was a dangerous situation and sprinted from her room on the 2nd floor down to the basement only stopping to put on her work boots.  Once she reached the dogs she realized that the bigger, older dog was in a panic.  Her teeth had become stuck on the puppy's collar and as they tried to disentangle themselves, the puppy's collar had become twisted hurting sweet, Morgan.  The collar was so tight, Grace-Ann could not even remove it from Frankie's teeth with her fingers.  No wonder Frankie didn't let go of Morgan, she couldn't!

It took a moment, but Grace-Ann was finally able to release the clip on the collar and remove it, but the situation was dire.  Morgan wasn’t breathing. Grace-Ann was worried that she had a broken neck and felt Morgan's neck from her ears to her shoulders.  Not feeling anything obvious, she checked her mouth for something obstructing her airway. She knew she had to do CPR to save her puppy.  Grace-Ann did several chest compressions, did a rescue breath by cupping her hands around Morgan's snout blowing into her nose, then she did several more chest compressions. Morgan started to make a couple of noises and Grace-Ann knew she was breathing again.  

Grace-Ann and her 18-yr old brother, Mason, immediately brought Morgan to the veterinary hospital.  Morgan was being cared for by the veterinarian within 20 minutes of being strangled.  She had major complications from the incident.  Upon later investigation, Morgan's collar had twisted down so much it went from a 15-inch collar to 10.5 inches, 4.5 inches too small! After some proper veterinary care, Morgan went home that evening and was closely monitored by her family for the next couple of days.  She got a little better each day and after about a week was back to her puppy self!  

When asked how she knew what to do, Grace-Ann said she learned by watching The Incredible Dr. Pol on TV and a video on the internet of a man doing CPR on a drowned puppy.  Thanks to Grace-Ann's quick thinking and the quick actions of both Grace-Ann and Mason, this story has a very happy ending.  Grace-Ann would like to be a doctor someday, watches lots of medical/surgical videos online in her spare time and is a junior volunteer at EIRMC.

Grace-Ann is pictured here with Frankie and Morgan, who are both modeling their brand new PetSafe Breakaway Collars. Thank you, Grace-Ann for being a quick thinking, inspiring, rescue hero!

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Now that’s what it’s all about!

Thank you, Levi Miller!

Many thanks go to Levi Miller, members of his Boy Scout Troop and friends and family who helped build sturdy shelves in the SRAS garage that will hold our dog food storage. Levi chose to do his Eagle Scout project with SRAS and this has been a huge service to the animals. All of the pet food at SRAS is donated by generous community members and now that food is off the ground and organized better. Thank you, Levi Miller for thinking of the dogs and cats at SRAS to benefit from your Eagle Scout project!

Thank you ASPCA!

Our friends at the ASPCA recognized the needs of the animals at our Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue and awarded SRAS a grant for $25,000 for kennel modifications. This grant will provide outdoor kennels, barriers for indoor kennels and new cat kennels. Thank you, ASPCA, from all the staff, dogs and cats at SRAS & the Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue.
Consider Being A Foster For A Critter In Need!

Alexis has been a foster for SRAS for a couple of years and has already been a fantastic foster mom three times. She offers patience, love and consistency for the animals that just aren’t a good fit in the shelter environment. From litters of puppies to the socially challenged, Alexa has raised pups till they were adoption ready and has supported shy dogs to have the confidence to come out of their shell. Thank you, Alexa for helping the animals who needed you most.

If you would like to be a foster and reap the rewards of tons of kitty purrs and puppy kisses leave a message at SRAS for Geri Magnuson, SRAS Foster Coordinator by calling the shelter at 208-523-4219.

Early giving for Idaho Gives starts April 19th
Consider giving to the kitties and pups to help support programs and medical needs for our furry friends!

Adopting is the best way to find a new pet

Your local shelter or rescue are the best places to look for your new pet. ~Mark Makela/For The HSUS
Did you know that shelters and rescues always have a great selection of animals looking for new homes? You can find cats, dogs, birds, small animals, even horses and livestock.

In fact, any type of animal available for sale at your local pet store or from a breeder is probably waiting for adoption in a nearby shelter or  rescue.

Thanks to the  Shelter Pet Project, it's become easier than ever to find them.


Shelters and rescues

  - 6–8 million animals end up in shelters each year, half of which will probably not be   adopted.

  - 25 percent of pets in shelters are  purebreds. Breed-specific rescue groups always  ... keep reading


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