Huckleberry's Story

When it comes to stories of second chances the story of 6-month old Huckleberry is at the top of my mind. Huckleberry, a male domestic short haired cat was abandoned outside of the Snake River Animal Shelter and was found by our Volunteer Coordinator, Coby, up in a tree on the SRAS property. Little Huck wasn't micro chipped so no owner could be found. The Idaho Falls Animal Control Services was just as full of cats as SRAS and so they told us to go ahead and keep him. So here we sat with this adorable, affectionate but homeless little Huck with "No room at the Inn." Coby had a special affection for the little guy after being his rescuer, so he determined that Huckleberry would come home with him. Coby has a younger cousin with a disability, named Kyron, that Huckleberry immediately bonded to. Kyron loves Huckleberry so much that he will barely let anyone else love on him and Huck seems to understand and is always close by his side. Somehow that little kitty just knew that Kyron needed a friend and now little Huck has found his forever home!

Here's What's Happening!

October 2017

Friday, October 6th

11:00 AM - 4:00 PM at Petco
Adoptions and Microchips

Saturday, October 7th
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM at Petco
Adoption Event

Saturday, October 7th
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM at Wackerli
2018 Crosstrek Launch and Adoption Event

Thursday, October 19th
11:45 AM at SRAS
Volunteer Social Hour

Wednesday, October 25th
12:00 PM at Blackfoot Animal Shelter - 199 Frontage Rd,
Ribbon Cutting

November 2017

Thursday, November 16th
12:00 PM at SRAS
Volunteer Appreciation Potluck

December 2017

President's Message

It’s been just a little over two years since Snake River Animal Shelter opened our doors!Looking back in our “rear view mirror” we can see that SRAS has come a long way in our efforts to save, protect and enrich the lives of animals. Like so many other animal welfare organizations, we aim to put into place the necessary elements of the “No Kill Equation” to reduce the numbers of unwanted and homeless animals. With the help and teamwork of our hard-working Staff, dedicated Volunteers, and steadfast SRAS Board of Directors we continue to work towards the goal of a home for every pet. SRAS has found homes for 1469 animals to this date, all of which were health checked, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and socialized before adoption.

Canine over-population in the greater Idaho Falls and surrounding areas has become much less of a problem than in the past.We are now considered a “low inventory” area. A big thank-you to those who have listened and have spayed or neutered their dogs. Low-inventory shelters nationwide are helping those areas with high-inventory canine populations by doing transports.The transported animals are given a “second chance at life” and are, just as we do with our local animals, health-checked, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and socialized before adoption.The feline population is not faring as well.Many felines end up becoming sad statistics for our over-populated cat community. SRAS steps up to do what we were created for – to assist in finding homes for animals in order to take the burden off our already overcrowded City of Idaho Falls Animal Control Services facility.Having two facilities in our area means that many more animals will live to see another day.
This community rallied when asked to raise funds for our SRAS facility.But we still need your help!As a private, not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization, we receive most of our funding largely through generous donations from individuals and organizations, sponsorships, grants, and in-kind (such as goods, commodities, and/or services) donations.The season of giving is around the corner and without your generosity our efforts would be for naught. Won’t you join in helping our animals by donating your time, talents, and/or money to help maintain the...
President's Message Continued...
...high level of care we give our furry friends until they can be adopted? Your tax-deductible gift to SRAS can
ensure the organization’s continued success in enabling so many pets to find loving homes while providing education and awareness regarding animal care and proper handling to those who adopt.

Note:Exciting things are happening at SRAS.As of October 1, the Blackfoot Animal Shelter is being acquisitioned by SRAS.This new partnership comes about after much research, study, and many meetings and follows a nationwide trend of non-profit and city-operated shelters coming together for the greater good of our most important clients – the animals!


Nancy Jones

SRAS Board of Directors President

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2017 Eclipse Mutt Strut! It was a huge success for the animals!

Take a look at our Mascot Winners:

Read their stories below...

"My family adopted our dear Birdie 5 years ago from the Fours Paws Rescue. My sons and I went to a local cat adoption event merely to stop in and say hello to my mom who was volunteering for the event that day. Adopting a cat was the furthest thing from my mind.

Birdie had been rescued two years earlier from a golf course in Rexburg ( hence the name). When she was found, she was a young stray in poor health who had just delivered a deceased litter of kittens. The wonderful people at Four Paws nursed her back to health and she thrived with the care and attention she received at their facility.
Unfortunately Birdie went for nearly two years without being adopted. She had urinary tract issues and needed special food. That may have been a problem for some potential adopters. But when my mom handed her to me at the event while quickly relaying her story, Birdie snuggled her head under my neck and purred like a small engine. It was absolutely love at first sight. My mom paid the adoption fee as an early birthday present while my young sons jumped up and down, squealing with excitement. Birdie finally had a home of her own!

Birdie is one of the friendliest cats I've ever known. She loves our family intensely and spends 90 percent of her waking hours in a lap. Surprisingly, she also adores visitors and will pull out all the stops to charm them as well. She is an indoor cat and lives happily with one Basset Hound and four pet bunnies. I can't imagine our lives without our Birdie girl!"
~ Heather Medema

"I woke up one morning while it was still dark outside, lived in an apartment on the top floor. Opened my front door to a happy pit bull waging is tail, excited to see me!!

We went to Idaho falls animal control where they checked for a chip, but did not find one. So we posted all over for a found dog. We held him for three months, before we decide to claim him as our own.

We then had a chip put in him, and later found out he had five pellets in his side.

After my heart attack I decided to train him to be a service dog for my heart condition, PTSD, and anxiety. He's also a helper dog for my back issues.

He is a great well behaved working dog, who changed my life and lives to work!"
~ Jesse Hooks


They hosted their first annual CW Charities event and as a result they came to SRAS and presented us with a plague of appreciation as well as a check for $1,200.00 to support the animals! Thank you to CW Charities and all who donated during this event!

Splash Self Serve Pet Spa, Inc. is happy to announce their new location
at 330 Cliff Street!

Call us if you have any more questions at 208-523-4219.

Snake River Animal Shelter is partnering with Blackfoot Animal Shelter and Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue! Now we can help even more animals find their FURever homes!

Visit our website at: for more information or to view available animals.

For More Information Contact:

Erin Falgoust


FaceBook - Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue

Click Here:

#1 ~ Rabbits Are Cheaper Than Cats &

#2 ~ They Can Be Litter Box Trained

#3 ~ Rabbits Are Quiet

#4 ~ They Are Good Therapy

#5 ~ Rabbits Are Easy-Going And Can Be
(They Are Self-Sufficient To An Extent)
We owe a great big Thank You to WIPFLi for helping us clean, paint, and fix up the facility at Blackfoot Animal Shelter!

We were running out of space in our facility at Snake River Animal Shelter so the amazing people at Western Transport Inc. donated this large storage trailer that we can use to help store items for the animals!
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October 2017
- Pat Scott

December 2017
- Trina Pollman

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We have had a lot of success saving and helping animals through adoptions, raising medical funds, volunteer help, events and so much more! We couldn't do what we do for the animals without you,
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