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The eclipse from Progressive Field, taken by Tom Ondrey
The eclipse from Progressive Field, taken by Tom Ondrey

Wow. Wow. Wow. 


The birds got quiet. A wave of cool air washed by me as it got dark. At 3:16 pm in the afternoon. Five minutes later, life was back to normal.


Our minds tend to anticipate how something will happen and is taken aback when that’s not how it goes. There’s been so much hype about the solar eclipse that, I’ll admit, I was a bit dismissive about it. But that wave of change outside that happened so fast and so viscerally in my body surprised me. Just like when my father passed at home in 1990 and my mother and siblings were quiet and contained and I – the social worker – was sobbing uncontrollably. Not what I expected at all.


The part of us that predicts how we’ll feel is the same part of us that makes assumptions about other people: our ego. In yoga, our goal is, quite literally, to slay our ego. And an event like this month’s solar eclipse provides the felt experience that life, space, energy, is SO MUCH BIGGER than our small minds can fathom, i.e., we are not the center of the world. We are a part of this big, gorgeous, terrifying experience and, as Margaret Mead said:


“Just remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”


We are unique just like this moment is unique. And then it’s gone, just like the eclipse. It passed by so quickly, I almost thought that I’d imagined it. 


Our lives can be like that, too. One moment we’re here and then “poof” – the next minute we’re gone, or our loved ones are gone. Our minds swirl around anticipating, comparing, rationalizing, and often, in the case of loss, wondering how we could have changed the outcome of events. But we can’t. And if we lean into our practice, we can get present to the amazing experience of this moment. And then the next moment. Because that’s all we have. With the solar eclipse, we got a glimpse into that consciousness. Let’s keep it going.

Second Act Fit Pros Podcast Episode with Anne

I was delighted to be interviewed by the fascinating Erin Eleuterio, host of the podcast Second Act Fit Pros, which explores the journeys of individuals uplifting older adults towards better health and wellbeing. This interview occurred thanks to student Lisa Cyrocki, who recommended me to Erin. Thanks, Lisa!


Erin is a functional aging specialist, and she teaches a movement class in Colorado that she calls Fall Preparedness. Notice that the class is not called Fall Prevention, which is what these classes are usually called. Erin focuses on strength, balance, and stability to help us manage falls when they happen – because they will happen.


I thought about this recently when my daughter’s 82-year-old father-in-law fell in his apartment when we were visiting. He very deftly dropped to the floor and then got back up again, despite the unexpectedness of the movement that caused the fall. It was really beautiful to behold – the coordination and ease he showed despite losing his balance. That’s what we’re aiming for in our movement exploration.


Take a listen and follow Erin’s podcast!

In-Person Events


In-Person Restorative Yoga


May 8, September 11 & December 11, 2024

Select Wednesdays from 12 noon 1:30 pm @ $25

Wild Nurturer (the new Awaken!)

9930 Johnnycake Ridge Rd., Concord Unit 2F


Thanks to Jen Langsdale for opening another lovely space, this time in Johnnycake Commons. It’s a cozy, intimate space, so slots are very limited. Email me directly to reserve your spot.


Chair Yoga Teacher Training


Saturday & Sunday, September 14 & 15, 2024

12:30 6:30 pm Saturday & Sunday with a windup session online


Interested in learning the adaptable practice of Chair Yoga? This training is open to yoga teachers and interested others as well and provides 12 hours of Continuing Education credit with Yoga Alliance. Registration link soon to come on the Studio 108 website, but note the dates if you’re interested – it will be up soon!


The Anatomy of Anxiety


Saturday, Nov. 2, 2024 from 12:30 3:30 pm

Studio 108, Independence – In Person 

Online option available by request.


In 2011, The World Health Organization predicted that by 2030, mental health disorders would be the leading cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. With the added burden of the global pandemic, anxiety disorders grew even faster than expected. Many people turn to yoga for help with anxiety. Come and learn about the anatomy of anxiety and how we as yoga teachers can promote physiologic calm in ourselves and in our students. This workshop provides 3 hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance and is open to yoga teachers as well as interested yoga students.


Soon to be up on the Studio 108 website, but save the date if you’re interested:



Online Events


Monthly *Free* Virtual Restorative Yoga Classes


April 24, May 22, June 26 & August 28, 2024

Select Wednesdays from 7:30 8:45 pm

Zoom invite via email (unique per class)

If not on the list, email Anne to be added:


Gather up your props and practice from home. Don’t worry about getting it right – that’s why it’s called a practice! Restorative yoga is a quiet, wildly rejuvenating practice that helps us restore our tired bodies and minds.


Move, Sit, Write, Read: A Writing Exploration

Monthly meditation, centering, writing in response to prompts and sharing on a theme that changes each session. 


April 25, May 23, June 27, Aug. 29, 2024

Select Thursdays from 7:30 9:00 pm @ $15

Zoom invite via email (unique per circle)

If not on the list, email Anne to be added:


Even if you’ve never written before, and/or if you’re interested in free writing, consider joining our writing circle. Research shows that the action of putting pen to paper is powerful medicine for our brain. Feel free to share or just listen after we write. 



Weekly Classes


All  weekly classes are on Zoom on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays, except for a live class the first Tuesday of the month at the United Methodist Church in Chardon from 9:00 11:00 am.


See Anne’s website for details:


In-Person Sessions with Anne

Anne continues to see clients at Awareness Massage in Mentor. Contact Anne to schedule:

Nerve Tour with Gil Hedley



Wednesday, July 24, 2024 from 1:00 6:15 pm

(Arrive by 12:30 pm)

Details here:

CE credits available (IAYT and others)

"The Nerve Project: Exploring the Nerve Tree in Relationship" is coming to Cleveland on July 24! Gil Hedley, master dissector and philosopher of human anatomy, (remember The Fuzz Speech?) will present the findings of his Nerve Project, where he spent four months dissecting the nerves of a human form. 


Experience Gil's current findings from the anatomy lab that reveal the integral and extraordinary nature of the nervous tissues: brain, spinal cord, musculoskeletal plexuses, autonomic plexuses, vagus nerve... and much more. Nerves, like fascia, are structures that were previously pushed out of the way so dissectors could get to the obvious structures like the heart and lungs.


Gil has worked for the past 30 years in the dissection lab, and this is the first dissection of its kind to be documented in images and video from the characteristically integral perspective for which Gil is best known.


Space may be limited, so get your tickets now!

Anne's Book Corner - April 2024

Book Corner: New Publications of Interest


My Perfect Movement Plan: The Move Your DNA All Day Workbook by Katy Bowman


Last year, I taught a series of classes on Katy’s last book, Rethink Your Position. This new workbook looks at your movement diet and helps you find the components that work for you.


Applied Yoga for Musculoskeletal Pain: Integrating Yoga, Physical Therapy, Strength, and Spirituality by Jory Serota


Out this month, Jory’s book offers a wide range of tools for yoga therapists and bodyworkers to help empower their clients. Photos with step-by-step instructions. If I’ve ever given you the stretch for your popletius, that’s Jory’s video. This book will be great information for teachers and students alike.


Somehow: Thoughts on Love by Anne Lamott

Just out, a new book by a writer of unusual power and truth. Some of her other books include Help, Thanks, Wow, and Almost Everything: Notes on Hope.

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