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Grandson on the beach in Delaware

Rejecting Hate & Fear and Choosing Active Hope


During vacation, I was outside enjoying the gentle breeze at dinner with my daughter’s family in South Fenwick Island, Delaware when I noticed a man’s t-shirt at the next table. I had seen the front when he’d gotten up. It said “Pistolville” and had pictures of various handguns on it. When he sat down, I saw the saying on the back of the shirt. It read:


Love may turn out to be fake

But the HATE is always real


Hopefully, the t-shirt was a joke. Still, my stomach tightened as I read the inscription, as the truth of its relevance in our world today resonated throughout my body.


Hate has always been a powerful force. It can energize us and focus us. Hate leads to violence, because if we really hate someone, we no longer see them as our fellow human being. As a result, we can belittle and humiliate and even injure or kill because we think the other person is less than we are. Whether it’s the Ugandan Tutsis vs. Hutus or the Nazis vs. the Jews, it’s a terribly common tale of pain and suffering.


I’ve always made the assumption that as our societies became more advanced, we’d become wiser and more humane. But this doesn’t always happen. With the beginning of this new school year, for example, a Missouri school district is reviving the practice of corporal punishment for students (parents can opt out). Corporal punishment is legal in around 20 states in the U.S. and is based on the misguided concept that if children feel physical pain after misbehaving, they will change their behavior. Research has shown that corporal punishment is most frequently used on boys and especially on those who are black and have disabilities (


Corporal punishment teaches children another key force that’s become very active in our society today: fear. If you fear your teacher, then you will obey. This is also the philosophy that drives a lot of Christian Nationalists today: If you fear God, you will obey and will be “saved.” And you need to be saved by a blood sacrifice that occurred over 2000 years ago because humanity is so vile that the only remedy was for God’s only son to be violently murdered on a cross. As Fr. Richard Rohr says, if this is what God is – a toxic, vengeful tyrant - then I don’t want any part of it (


If hate and fear are the principles that come easily, then the guiding principle that is more difficult for us to offer consistently to ourselves and to others is love. Love may take time and require great patience as well as effort on our part, but it can do anything. In every good yarn and movie, it’s love that always wins in the end.


Despite the chaos and conflict of our time, I believe we can choose love and, most especially, hope. Starting with classes in September, we’ll be diving into the concept of hope as an active state. I hope you’ll join me!

A garden at Chautauqua Institution
A garden at Chautauqua Institution

Fall Online Classes


Mondays: Functional Movement & Energetic Centering, 9:30–11AM

Tuesdays: Therapeutic Movement & Energetic Centering, 9–11AM

Fridays: Chair Yoga 10:30–12 noon


Contact Anne for a link to any of these classes if you’re not on the email list for a class.


Fall In-Person Classes


If you’re looking for an in-person class, Tuesday Therapeutic Yoga is in-person at the Chardon United Methodist Church on North Street the first Tuesday of each month from 9–11AM. Contact Anne for information.


Friday Chair Yoga in the Pavilion at the Geauga Senior Center on Ravenwood Drive, Chardon (across from Geauga Hospital and behind Ravenwood Mental Health Center) is in-person through September unless the weather turns. Contact Anne (440 278 0065) day of if you’re wondering about the weather.


Fall Specialty Classes


Free Restorative Yoga Online


Get blankets, pillows, bolsters, a strap, two blocks, and a washcloth to cover your eyes and learn how to relax deeply. Classes are either Wednesday or Thursday evening or in the afternoon. If you’re not on the email list for the class, reply to this email to be added to it.


September: Thursday, 9/22/22, 7:30–8:30PM

October: Wednesday, 10/26/22, 7:30–8:30PM

November: Wednesday, 11/30/22, 1:30–2:30PM


Move, Sit, Write, Read Online


If you’re interested in exploring your inner world through writing, come to Move, Sit, Write, Read. Each session has a theme with writing prompts. We get going with some mindful movement and meditation. Cost is $15. If you’re interested, reply to this email to be added to the email list for the class.


Pranayama Intensive


11/6/22 11AM–2PM through Yoga 108, Independence

3 hours of CE credit for Yoga Instructors


Join me for a workshop with Yoga 108 to explore the miracle of pranayama and intra-abdominal pressure. This workshop is in real time only – no recordings unless you’re a Teacher Tribe Yoga 108 member.

Tree and mushroom living in symbiosis

What I’m Reading


Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in with Unexpected Resilience & Creative Power by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone


Mystical Hope: Trusting in the Merc y of God by Cynthia Bourgeault


Vagina Obscura: An Anatomical Voyage by Rachel E. Gross


Daevabad Trilogy [ The City of Brass/ The Kingdom of Copper/ The Empire of Gold] by Shannon Chakraborty

Playing with Movement


Mixing up our movement patterns is one of the heathiest things we can do for our bodies and our minds. If you’re on Instagram, follow @oldscoolmoves where you’ll find interesting explorations of various movement patterns, because – as Anatomist Gil Hedley says – the pattern we want is always a little more movement (not a little less movement). Here’s one by me adapted from @OldScoolMoves: 


To watch the video, click the screengrab below then enter this passcode exactly: Bi1AmT&s

Anne plays with Movement
Chappy and Anne at Meditation Point, Holden Arboretum

Keep moving and exploring so you can keep sliding down those slides! Staff pose with an inner tube!

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