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Run and Check Your W-2s
The Federal deadline for mailing and/or e-filing your W-2s is January 31st. More information and detail is available at You can click the button below to be taken to the information.

We don't want anyone to miss the deadline and be subject to fines, so please run your W-2s as soon as possible and check the data so any corrections that you need can be done in a timely fashion. We remind you all that Townhall Software, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of your data or whether or not you meet the deadline. But we can certainly help if you identify a problem with your entry. (Please see Support Note at the bottom of this email.)
To Run W-2s, from your home screen click on the Payroll Tab and then on the List of Employees Button.
Once you have selected the List of Employees, on the right side of the screen, you need to select the History Tab. This will open the second set of tabs and you will need to chose the Forms tab.
Make sure you select the boxes you need checked BEFORE choosing to "Create a Form W-2." There are explanations for each box that appear if you hover your mouse over the box.

If you want to input your own data into the form and not draw from the system, you will select "Use Your Own." (It will use the amounts entered in the Update Employee > W-2 tab for all employees; usually used by new users to Marge where all data isn't entered for 2017.)

If all of your payroll was run through Marge and you want to use the data in the system, you will select "Use Payroll History."

If you want to print out W-2s for all employees, you will select that check box. It will print W-2s for those even under $600 who do not have SS and Medicare withholding (poll workers). These employees typically do not receive a W-2 (the IRS has stated they should not receive one). Otherwise, only employees with wages over $600 for the year or that are under $600, but that have Medicare and Social Security withholding, will be included.
When your check boxes are selected, you will chose "Create a Form W-2."
The following pop-up screen will appear. You can pick which version of the forms you want to generate. Some versions will only print one employee per page. The version for the Social Security Administration will print multiple employees per page. This is intentional.

Create each Form Copy in order. Preview and exit. Then create the next form on the list. A checkmark will show where you are in the list. After all are completed - and the W-3, then click on the last option: "Save Forms to your local computer." The W-2s and W-3 will all be saved to your Marge Report Files folder so you can print more efficiently from your local computer.
Please review all details of each W-2 very carefully. There are penalties/fines for things such as a wrong taxpayer and employer I.D. numbers. We have no way to verify your numbers other than to check for the correct number of digits. YOU must make sure they are correct.

TownHall Software does not verify data, nor are we familiar with your payroll periods and totals. We can't know if your employee details are correct, or if all dates and payroll periods are accounted for.

If you have deductions or any deferred compensation, please check the User Manual to make sure your settings are correct so that details that need to appear in Box 12 or 14 do so correctly.

Special Note for those with Deferred Compensation: Due to the impact of Deferred Compensation on the W-3 (Box 12a), please reach out to us for a quick review of settings.

We will happily try to help you fix anything you feel is inaccurate if you contact us early enough. But please be aware you are responsible for the accuracy of your data and timeliness of your reporting. Please refer to your User License agreement.

TownHall Software Customer Support is striving to attend to your needs within a short time and give your more notifications and documented support, as well! We're excited to have additional Power-Point Support Guides and videos in the future.

We do have some extra hands on staff to help throughout January - but it's a notoriously busy time. Please try to file your W-2s by January 15th and your 941 Quarterly Report in a timely manner, as well. We know it's a busy time for clerks and we want to best support your needs, but waiting to call on the 30th/31st isn't ideal in order to give you the attention you might need.

Thank you! We are so excited to have a great start to 2017!!
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