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Some Assorted Payroll Tips

In this week's email, we will touch on some helpful points regarding payroll. We will discuss how to remove a paycheck and why its different than voiding a disbursement, how to run reports for one individual vs. all employees, and how you can add a job title to employees so that reports can be run by job title.
1. Deleting a paycheck

Page 251 of the User Manual Found in the Drop Down List under Help (in the upper left-hand corner of the Marge Screen, explains in detail how to delete a payroll record The reason that payroll records are deleted instead of voided is that leaving the record in the system impacts taxes, particularly 941 reporting, which would cause tax return imbalances.

2. Running reports for a single employee
If you need payroll history detail reports for a single employee, you can highlight that employee on the list of employees, select the History tab in the top right corner, select the Reports tab in the lower section, click on Report 110 and click the radio button in front of Selected Employee only.
You then indicate the needed date range on the selection tab. You can then create reports 110-114 and they will all be for that individual employee for the specified date range.
3. Selecting Job Titles during Employee set up to make insurance auditing easier.
Sometimes insurance companies for Workman's compensation audits require a breakdown of hours by certain types of employees. You can set up or update employees with a job title and then run Report 117 to answer such questions. NOTE: Only one job title can be selected per employee so if you have someone who works in two distinct positions for the municipality and you need a job titles report, the employee would need to be set up twice, once for each role and paid on separate checks.
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