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News Bulletin - September, 2012  
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UCLA INVENTS News Bulletin highlights entrepreneurial and technology commercialization developments, and opportunities at UCLA.

Published by the UCLA Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Sponsored Research (OIP-ISR), UCLA INVENTS covers topics ranging from intellectual property protection, UCLA entrepreneurial ventures, industry collaboration and technology licensing opportunities, networking events, official OIP-ISR announcements, and much more.

In this, our inaugural news bulletin issue, OIP-ISR announces three new initiatives for the campus, UC announces proof-of-concept grants RFP; and two UCLA startups reach major milestones.


The Staff @ OIP-ISR


Forbes Ranks UCLA Among Top 10 Most Entrepreneurial Universities
LinkedIn identified alumni as founders of companies with 10 or more employees from its database of 161 million members.

UCLA is listed number eight on Forbes' new ranking of most entrepreneurial universities. The universities were ranked by the number of alumni who were founders of startups with 10 or more employees.

Forbes ranked Stanford first, followed by MIT, Harvard, Caltech, and Berkeley. The full listing is available on Forbes' website.


Telemedicine Startup Joins UCLA On-Campus Incubator
Holomic LLC obtained an exclusive license for the UCLA technology before joining the incubator program.

Holomic LLC, a startup company seeking to commercialize a groundbreaking technology developed at UCLA that turns simple cell phones into powerful microscopes, has joined UCLA's on-campus technology incubator program at the California NanoSystems Institute.

The novel medical-diagnostic imaging technology — invented by Aydogan Ozcan, an associate professor of electrical engineering at UCLA's Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, and his students — has the potential to bring better health care and monitoring to impoverished and underserved areas of the globe. 

About Holomic LCC
[ web ]
About the Technology [ web ]


UC Releases RFP - Proof of Concept Program:  Commercialization Gap Grants 
Letter of intent due October 9, 2012

The University of California is pleased to announce the release of the FY 12-13 UC Proof of Concept Program: Commercialization Gap Grants RFP.

The goal of the UC PoC grant program is to accelerate the commercialization of technology developed at UC by providing funding to bridge the gap between research and commercialization in the absence of an industry sponsor or investment partner. Projects appropriate for this opportunity have already demonstrated successful results in the research environment and are poised for commercialization pending a specific, targeted demonstration, test result, or prototype for which no other funding is available.

UC PoC program is open to all fields, including physical sciences and engineering, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. Applicants may request up to one year of funding. 

Program Details [ web ]
RFP [ web;pdf ]


UCLA Startup, C3 Jian, Inc., Closes $30M Financing, Moves Labs & HQ to MdR
C3 Jian has an exclusive, worldwide license to commercialize the STAMP cell signaling technology platform developed at UCLA.

C3 Jian, Inc., a private company focused on providing improved oral healthcare, announced (2/12) that it has closed its most recent equity financing, raising total proceeds of $30 million. The Company expects to use the proceeds to advance its lead product, C16G2, a peptide drug targeting dental caries, into human clinical trials in the United States. [ READ MORE ]

C3 Jian obtained (5/12) FDA acceptance of an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) for their novel C16G2 drug, which is currently in clinical trials.  [ READ MORE ]


C3 Jian, Inc.

Mouthwash that selectively kills negative bacteria
CEO: Todd R. Patrick
Year Founded: 2005
Location: Marina del Rey
URL:  http://c3-jian.com

What is it?
A specifically targeted drug that will selectively kill bacteria that causes dental cavities. The drug has been shown in pre-clinical testing to eliminate a harmful bacteria called S. Mutans, while leaving other bacteria in the oral cavity - most of which are beneficial - unaffected.

What was the idea that led to the creation of the product?
Dr. Wenyuan Shi, executive vice president, discovered and patented a pheromone-signaling pathway that was the basis of the drug development. The signaling pathway is used to identify a targeting region tat is then linked to a drug. The combination results in a specifically targeted drug (much like an antibiotic) as opposed to a broad spectrum product.

How could it change society?
Dental caries is the most common infectious disease in the U.S. In the U.S. alone, we spend over $60 billion each year on dental cavities.

What's next?
The company has a rich pipeline that we are exploring. We have 35 employees and expect to have another product in human clinical trials by early next year, with two additional products in the pipeline as well.

**Source: Los Angeles Business Journal.
Video - Inside C3 Jian

A revolutionary mouthwash developed by
a UCLA microbiologist carries the first ant-
cavity drug since fluoride was introduced
nearly 60 years ago.

SPOTLIGHT:  New UCLA Technologies Available for Licensing
UCLA technology is commercialized by entrepreneurs and established companies worldwide.

22745  Nanopillar Photonic Crystal Lasers
22746  A Fast, High Throughput Method For Single Bacterial Patterning On Glass Surface
22738  Improved Method for Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells
20464  Process For Making Elastic Biliquid Dispersions Of Nanoscale Droplets
22675  Novel Method for the Rapid Fabrication of Brachytherapy Applicators
22674  Receiver Energy Save Algorithm in MIMO 802.11n Wireless Networks
22628  Novel Small Molecules that Target Cancer Stem Cells for the Treatment of Cancer



TechTransfer Fellows Program Announced
Tech Meeting at OIP
Pre- and Post-Doctoral Researchers Bring Valuable Expertise to OIP-ISR.  

Succinctly describing the breadth of research conducted at UCLA is a formidable task.  The variety of research conducted within the single square mile that makes up UCLA’s campus is certainly impressive and brings with it an abundance of expertise across many disciplines.  UCLA’s Office of Intellectual Property (OIP), which currently manages thousands of inventions through patent prosecution, industry marketing, and licensing, is centrally situated to advance the wide-ranging inventions from this research to the marketplace.  To capitalize on the broad expertise within the research community, the OIP has traditionally run an internship program consisting of graduate student and postdoctoral researchers in the life and physical sciences... [ READ MORE ]


OIP-ISR Launches Patent Strategy Sessions for Inventors
patent cover
Sessions to help guide UCLA inventors through the America Invents Act "First-to-File" transition.

On September 16, 2011 the America Invents Act (AIA) was signed into law. The AIA brings United States patent law into harmonization with the international community allowing for cost reduction and greater speed in examining and granting patents.  On March 16, 2013 the First-to-File provision of the AIA will go into effect.  The First-to-File system gives priority “to the inventor who first files a patent application or first discloses the invention to the public, so long as that inventor then files a patent application within a year of disclosure.” (Moerke) The shift from a First-to-Invent to a First-to-File system is a point of concern for our office and many inventors... [ READ MORE ]

NOTE: If you wish to receive notification of upcoming Patent Strategy seminars hosted by OIP, please contact Erin Bowers erin.bowers@research.ucla.edu






Sept. 7, 2012 
Kinross Bldg., Suite 210

Sign up here: [ web ]

OIP-ISR is pleased to launch on September 7th a new monthly educational series and mixer called, First Fridays @ OIP!

The continental breakfast event provides an opportunity for the campus community to come and meet with our staff and interns, to hear a brief presentation on a variety of topics relevant to intellectual property & entrepreneurism, and to ask questions and network.

Startup UCLA Summer Accelerator Demo Day

Sept. 14, 2012
2pm to 4pm

Sign up here:
[ web ]

Come hear the Demo Day pitches! This year’s student-entrepreneurs from Startup UCLA’s Summer Accelerator Program are behind nine innovative startups ranging from interactive mobile gaming to new navigation and cruise ship apps.

During the last 5 years:

>>over 100 companies were spun out of UCLA based on technologies developed in UCLA labs.

>>390 UCLA inventions were licensed to industry.

>> More than $170, 000,000 in industry sponsored research was negotiated on behalf of UCLA labs and research centers.



Selected UCLA Patents issued by the USPTO:

8,206,700  Methods and compositions for treating tularemia |  Marcus Horwitz, et al

8,193,598 Spin-wave architectures |  Mary M. Eshaghian-Wilner, et al

8,193,312 Bone morphogenic protein binding peptide | Samuel S. Murray, et al

8,187,250 Peritoneal dialysis methods and apparatus | Martin Roberts, et al



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