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Brendan Rauw
Dear Colleagues, 

want to thank all the faculty and staff who contributed to a very successful Cleantech and Advanced Materials Partnering conference last Friday. After an inspiring keynote address from Ira Ehrenpreis of Technology Partners, thirteen faculty and eight industry professionals and investors presented to over 120 attendees.

Conference participants discussed the future of cleantech and advanced materials, addressing emerging global problems such as improving energy efficiency, facilitating the use of renewable resources, and ensuring that the world’s population has access to clean water.

Building on the success of the two events we hosted in 2013 on medical devices and cleantech, we look forward to additional events in 2014 focused on medical devices, therapeutics and diagnostics. Industry is excited to have the opportunity to come to campus and engage with UCLA’s leading researchers.

We look forward to building on this success, and identifying more opportunities for industry collaboration with our faculty.


Brendan Rauw 
Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Entrepreneurship

OIP-ISR Conference Unites Inventors, Industry and Investors
OIP-ISR Hosts Cleantech and Advanced Materials Partnering Conference at UCLA.

Presentations from faculty at the conference were complemented by panels featuring insight from investors and industry executives...

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On Patents and Partnerships - Cleantech Insights
View Conference Program  [pdf]

UCLA Makes Move to Boost Intellectual Property Commercialization
New Board will bring to UCLA extensive industry experience in commercializing research.

A key part of the plan is the creation of a new 501(c)(3) organization, dubbed Newco, that when fully implemented will oversee technology transfer, industry partnerships, start-up creation, and other facets of campus-based research commercialization...

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TechTransfer FAQ
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OIP-ISR Publishes Technology Transfer
FAQ & Guide for
UCLA Inventors

C3 Jian Enters Phase II Clinical Trials for Tooth Decay Prevention Product
C3 Jian Logo
UCLA startup is focused on providing improved oral healthcare.

C3 Jian, Inc., a Los Angeles based private biotechnology company, announced the successful completion of a Phase 1 clinical trial related to its novel peptide therapeutic product referred to as C16G2...

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UCLA Licensee, Kythera, Soars on Late-stage Wins for Chin-fat Drug
Announces Phase III trial results for the reduction of submental fat. 

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc said its experimental injectable drug succeeded in reducing double chin of patients in late-stage studies, meeting the main and secondary goals of two clinical trials...

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Spotlight: New Technologies Discovered by UCLA Inventors Available for Licensing  


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Research Collaboration, 
and Intellectual Property Commercialization.


Date:  Nov. 01, 2013 
Time: 9am-10:30am
Place: Kinross Bldg., Suite 210

"Regulatory Issues for Startups"

Please join us for Coffee, Bagels and Networking

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UCLA Entrepreneurs 

UCLA's Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) are available for 1-on-1 meetings with UCLA faculty and researchers seeking business advice.

Please contact Dr. Tom Lipkin to schedule a consult.

     [UCLA EIR Program]

Patent Image
UCLA patents recently issued by the USPTO:

8,541,832  Integrated circuit memory devices having vertical transistor arrays therein and methods of forming same | Kang Wang, et al.

8,532,350  Dose reduction and image enhancement in tomography through the utilization of the object's surroundings as dynamic constraints | Jianwei Miao, et al.

8,531,006  Memory capacitor made from field configurable ion-doped materials | Yong Chen

8,530,594  Copolymers of alkoxythiophene | Qibing Pei, et al.

8,529,743  Electrowetting-driven micropumping | Chang-Jin Kim, et al.

8,524,488  Methods and devices for determining a cell characteristic, and applications employing the same | James Gimzewski , et al.

8,524,460  PSCA: prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof | Robert Reiter, et al.

8,521,270  Quantitative EEG method to identify individuals at risk for adverse antidepressant effects | Aimee M. Hunter, et al.

8,512,964  Targets for treatment of hypercholesterolemia | Peter J. Tontonoz, et al.

8,512,943  Accessing the toxic potential of nanomaterials | Andre E. Nel

8,510,126  Patient monitoring | Neil A. Martin, et al.

8,501,490  Bioassays based on polymeric sequence probe | Yong Chen, et al.

8,492,347  Peptide for induction of immune tolerance as treatment for systemic lupus erythematosus | Bevra Hahn, et al.


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