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March 07, 2014
FirstFridays @OIP-ISR
Theme:  "X-PRIZE - New Initiatives and Funding Programs"

March 11, 2014
UCLA Medical Device Partnering Conference
Attendees:  "UCLA inventors, investors, and industry executives"

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Bruin Biometrics

UCLA Startup, Bruin Biometrics, Raises $10 Million Round

The medical device company announced it has closed a $10 million round of funding which was oversubscribed by almost $2.7 million. Funds to be used for product marketing, clinical trials, and R&D.

3M and UCLA Startup, Water Planet Engineering, Partner to Commercialize Technology
The joint development agreement entered into by Water Planet and 3M will explore commercial production of a new polymer material with widespread industrial applications.

UCLA Launches Crowdfunding Platform to Support Research Funding

One of the first crowdfunding platforms created and implemented by a large university, UCLA Spark utilizes social media to connect donors with faculty and student crowdfunding projects campus-wide.

UCLA Develops Google Glass Apps for Medical Diagnostics

Users of the wearable computers can take pictures of medical samples, upload to a server, and receive accurate analyses in as little as eight seconds. The technology has potential applications in epidemiology, mobile health, and telemedicine.

New OIP-ISR Report Highlights Startups and Partnerships

This new report features startup, technology licensing and industry collaboration developments at UCLA during the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years.

OIP-ISR Hosts Inventors, Investors and Industry Executives at Medical Device Conference 
The 2nd Annual Medical Device Partnering Conference (by invitation only) provides a unique opportunity for UCLA inventors, investors, and industry executives to establish new relationships for furthering innovation.

 Intellectual Property Announcements

New U.S. Patents Awarded

  • 8,658,681 - Treatment of hyperproliferative disorders with diarylhydantoin . . .  | C. Sawyers, et al.
  • 8,658,627 - Pregnancy hormone combination for treatment of autoimmune diseases | R. Voshkuhl
  • 8,654,441 - Differential interference contrast serial time encoded amplified microscopy | B. Jalali, et al.
  • 8,653,231 - Synthesis of conducting polymer nanofibers using an oligomer of a . . .  | R. Kaner, et al.
  • 8,653,027 - Method of treatment of type-1 diabetes with humanin analogues | P. Cohen, et al.
  • 8,652,798 - Analysis of ex vivo cells for disease state detection and therapeutic . . .  | J. Gimzewski, et al.
  • 8,649,855 - Burst suppression monitor for induced coma | M. Bier, et al.
  • 8,648,112 - Therapeutic uses of urolithins | N. Seeram, et al.
  • 8,648,052 - Prevention of chlamydia infection using SIRNA | J. Braun, et al.


New UCLA Technologies Available for Licensing



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