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News Bulletin - October, 2012  
Welcome to UCLA INVENTS News Bulletin.

UCLA INVENTS, published monthly by OIP, highlights entrepreneurial and technology commercialization developments in and around UCLA.

In this issue, three medical products based on UCLA research receive regulatory agency approval; UCLA startup raises $6.2M Series A financing; OIP launches campus department outreach program; and more.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming  First Fridays @OIP  events, a new educational and networking forum hosted by OIP for campus innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Three Medical Products Based on UCLA Innovation Approved for Market
Technologies licensed by UCLA to industry approved recently by regulatory agencies. 

It takes many years of research and product development to bring innovation from the lab to the marketplace. For example, it may take, on average, 10 to 15 years to bring a new therapeutic to market. In recent months, the FDA approved two new medical products based on UCLA-developed technology, and another UCLA-related medical device received CE Certification for the European market.

The medical products approved recently for the marketplace by regulatory agencies acknowledge the breadth and depth of medical research at UCLA, and its commercial potential: 

  • Medivation receives FDA approval for Xtandi, a prostate cancer treatment. [ READ MORE ]
  • EP-Dynamics' Airblock Device granted FDA approval [ READ MORE ]
  • NeuroSigma receives CE Certification for its TNS product to treat epilepsy and depression [ READ MORE ]


OIP Launches Campus Outreach Program for Fall 2012, 14 Departments Selected
How-to and Q&A sessions help researchers address UC Policies on intellectual property and entrepreneurship, and learn about available resources on and off campus.

This fall, OIP will begin giving presentations to various departments across campus in an effort to help educate the research community on issues related to intellectual property protection and technology commercialization. The talks will be given by licensing officers and staff from the OIP. 

For information on setting up a presentation by OIP for your department, please contact, Steve Huyn,  steven.huyn@research.ucla.edu 

Departments currently being scheduled:  CS, CivilE, MAE, ME, Chem/BioChem, Chemistry, Cardiology, MCDB, Music and Ethnomusicology, Arts and Architecture, Orthopedics, Pharmacology, Digestive Diseases


UCLA Startup, Tribogenics, Raises $6.2 Million Series A Round Led by Peter Thiel's Founders Fund
Tribogenics, based in Marina del Rey, develops portable X-ray technology.

MARINA DEL REY, CA – September 25, 2012 – Tribogenics, a producer of innovative X-ray sources, announced today that it has closed a $6.2 million Series A financing round led by Founders Fund. The company previously received $2.5M in funding from Flywheel Ventures and other angel investors.

“We are excited to work with Founders Fund because they have a passion for building great companies that successfully pursue real innovation through disruptive technologies,” said Dale Fox, President and CEO of Tribogenics. “This investment will help us accelerate development of our new X-ray sources that promise to dramatically influence a number of large markets.” [ READ MORE ]

From WIRED Magazine: Tribogenics' Incredible Shrinking X-Ray Machines  [ READ MORE ]

Source: Los Angeles Business Journal.

Tribogenics, Inc.

Product:  Portable X-ray technology
CEO: Dale Fox 
Year Founded: 2009 
Location: Marina del Rey
URL:  http://tribogenics.com  

What is it?
Tribogenics develops low-cost, small but powerful X-ray sources for use in the mining, industrial, military and medical industries. Tribogenics technology eliminates the need for high voltage and enables the use of X-rays in a variety of applications and settings that aren't possible wit existing technology. 

What was the idea that led to the creation of the technology?
In 2007, the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency and the Army's Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center funded an effort at UCLA to explore methods of generating X-rays that would over come some of their current limitations. During the research effort, the team discovered a new way to produce X-rays through an effect called "tribocharging."

What has been the benefit of spinning the company out of the university? 
Originating at UCLA allowed Tribogenics to receive key R&D funding from both university and other governmental agencies. Since this funding came in the form of grants, it provided a huge kick-start to the process and didn't result in dilution to the company founders. 

How could it change society?
We're working on lots of exciting projects ranging from pocket-size devices used to detect lead in paint and toys to brief-case-size devices used for medical imaging. Both of them solve enormous problems for society. In the United States alone, there are 38 million homes with lead-based paint, while lead-tainted toys still arrive onshore in alarming quantities. The medical needs are even more profound. There are 4 billion people worldwide with no access to diagnostic radiology. Products using our X-ray technology can bring life-saving medicine to the benefit of people worldwide who are desperately in need of care.

Tribogenics' X-Ray Emitter

Tribogenics X-ray Emitter

Inventor and Tribogenics' chief scientist,
Carlos Camara, holds product prototype.
photo: Tribogenics

New Technologies Discovered by UCLA Inventors Available for Licensing
UCLA technology is commercialized by entrepreneurs and established companies - locally and worldwide.

22806  A Novel Positron Emission Tomography Probe for Imaging Liver Disease and Metabolic Imbalance
Researchers at the UCLA Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology have developed a new PET probe designed to image ribose metabolism in vivo.

22805  Dual Transgenic Mice for Endothelial Cell Research (Ve-Cadherin Cre-Recombinase - Rosa26r-YFP)
UCLA researchers have developed a dual transgenic animal that enables genetic tracing of endothelial cells and their derivatives.

22746  A Fast, High Throughput Method For Single Bacterial Patterning On Glass Surface
Researchers at UCLA have developed a high throughput single bacteria patterning technique that is capable of creating bacterial cell patterns with high pattern coverage on glass substrates. The novel method utilizes batch-fabricating photolithography technology based on commercially available inexpensive chemicals and is ideal for research, medical diagnostic and drug discovery applications.

22745  Nanopillar Photonic Crystal Lasers
Researchers at UCLA have developed a novel "bottom-up" fabrication method of producing high quality photonic crystal cavities by utilizing III-V nanopillars via a catalyst-free selective-area metal-organic chemical vapor deposition on masked GaAs substrates. The method of synthesis allows for precision lithographic control of nanopillar position and diameter enabling simultaneous formation of both the photonic band gap region and active gain region.

22674  Receiver Energy Save Algorithm in MIMO 802.11n Wireless Networks
Researchers at UCLA have developed an 802.11n standard compliant receiver energy save algorithm for MIMO 802.11n wireless devices that identifies and sets the most energy-efficient receiver antenna settings. The novel MIMO Receiver Energy Save Algorithm yields significant energy savings for 802.11n enabled portable devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs.



Startup UCLA Celebrates First Demo Day
Campus Accelerator gives student entrepreneurs a platform to develop and launch early-stage ideas. 

From Michael Carney, Pandodaily:  

"While it’s  en vogue for everyone and their grandmother to start an accelerator, the University is coming at it with much, much different motivations than most. UCLA doesn’t aim to make a financial return. Rather, the overarching goal of the program is to promote entrepreneurship within the student body and to connect the University to the rapidly growing local tech community.

The money from the program comes from a combination of corporate sponsors and several academic departments. PwC has been a significant contributor, as have the law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, local creative agency Philosophie, and cloud infrastructure company Joyent..."

Links to Startups and Team Members [ web ]
Startup UCLA Program [ web ]


Patenting Medical Devices - OIP Strategy Session Overview
patent uspto
Inventors, physician-scientists, students and Postdocs Attend Medical Device Strategy Session.

UCLA has been a leader in medical device innovation for a number of years. Notable devices from UCLA include the nicotine patch, the GDC coil for the embolization of aneurysms, and the clot retriever coil. With such exceptional medical and engineering expertise available on campus, UCLA is positioned to continue to be a leader in medical device innovation, and UCLA’s Office of Intellectual Property (OIP) is dedicated to assisting researchers in strategically preserving intellectual property rights for promising medical device technologies. [ READ MORE ]

Next Month's Session:  "Patenting Diagnostics and Cell Therapies"

NOTE: If you wish to receive notification of upcoming Patent Strategy seminars hosted by OIP, please contact Erin Bowers erin.bowers@research.ucla.edu


Community Spotlight:   Accelerators, Incubators & Entrepreneurs in the News
Entrepreneurship on the Westside is a hub of activity often referred to as "Silicon Beach."  In this section, we feature news and events from the local community of entrepreneurs.

  • General Assembly Brings its Entrepreneurial Education to Los Angeles with LaunchpadLA Partnership.  "The Los Angeles startup ecosystem, already busting at the seams with incubators and accelerators, is set to get a new type of entrepreneur factory."  [ Pandodaily ]
  •  Silicon Beach is home to increasingly more incubators and accelerators. Here are three cool programs to consider.  [ Inc. Magazine ]
  • EVENT:  Intro to the LA Startup Community - Oct. 13 [ web ]
  • EVENT:  Santa Monica New Tech Meetup - Oct. 24 [ web ]






Oct. 5, 2012 
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Featured Guest Speaker:
Michael Greenberg, "Startup UCLA:  Phase II"

ABOUT First Fridays @OIP

OIP-ISR is pleased to host a monthly educational series and mixer called, First Fridays @ OIP.

The continental breakfast event provides an opportunity for the campus community to come and meet with our staff and interns, to hear a brief presentation on a variety of topics relevant to intellectual property & entrepreneurism, and to ask questions and network.

A Dialogue on Russia
Oct. 19, 2012 at UCLA

More information and registration:
[ web ]

A new symposium, sponsored by the EURECA program,  will provide a forum for faculty, students, researchers and others to engage in a dialogue about the state and prospects of Russian economics, higher education, entrepreneurship and intellectual property.


Recent UCLA Patents issued by the USPTO:

8,222,293  Treating learning deficits with inhibitors of Hmg CoA reductase |  Alcino Silva, et al

8,216,796  Methods for treating and diagnosing fibrotic and fibroproliferative diseases |  John Belperio, et al

8,216,594  Proteins with repetitive Bacterial-Ig-like (Big) domains present in... |  David Haake, et al

8,211,664  Methods and materials for making simvastatin and related compounds |  Yi Tang, et al

8,206,700  Methods and compositions for treating tularemia |  Marcus Horwitz, et al

8,193,598 Spin-wave architectures |  Mary M. Eshaghian-Wilner, et al

8,193,312 Bone morphogenic protein binding peptide | Samuel S. Murray, et al

8,187,250 Peritoneal dialysis methods and apparatus | Martin Roberts, et al



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