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Nov. 07, 2014
FirstFridays @ OIP
Topic:  "Mentorship for Entrepreneurs"
Speaker:  John Gillespie, UCLA EIR

Oct. 21, 2014
Open House - Core Lab Facilities at UCLA CNSI (pdf)

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Brendan Rauw

Dear Colleagues,

It is rare that a university fundamentally reinvents its approach to technology transfer. On September 24th, Chancellor Gene Block announced such a change for UCLA.

Going forward, a new not-for-profit company, Westwood Technology Transfer (WTT), will oversee technology transfer and industry sponsored research at UCLA. It will focus on enhancing the identification, protection and commercialization of discoveries and inventions that arise from the nearly $1 billion in research funding we receive each year and facilitating external research collaborations to further increase funding and resources to the campus.

Unprecedented within the University of California system, WTT will be led by a 10-person Board composed of executives from a range of industries, including biopharmaceuticals, engineering and technology; finance, private equity and venture capital, as well as distinguished UCLA faculty. The board will guide us in making strategic investments, identifying promising research and licensing partnerships, and refining select technologies that emerge from research across campus.

This is an exciting and important change for our campus – so important that it was covered in the Wall Street Journal and LA Times. For more information on the Board, please see our press release.

I am honored to serve as the initial President and CEO for this Board, and our staff are excited to work with these distinguished individuals.


Brendan Rauw, MBA
President and CEO, Westwood Technology Transfer

UCLA Chancellor Block

UCLA Announces Westwood Technology Transfer
On September 24, 2014, UCLA announced a new not-for-profit company and Board of Directors to pair campus innovation with proven business acumen to advance patents, deliver life-changing discoveries and inventions. The company's Board was selected by UCLA Chancellor Gene D. Block.
University of California

UC Promotes Startups With New $250 Million VC Fund
The University of California's Board of Regents voted to approve the creation of a $250 million venture capital fund to finance startups targeting the university's own research for investment and commercialization. The Fund is seeded with money from UC's endowment.
Avalon Ventures

Avalon & GSK Partnership Launches UCLA Startup
Avalon Ventures announced (Sept. 22, 2014) the launch of two new startup companies through its collaboration with GSK. One of the startups, Silarus Therapeutics, is based on licensed UCLA intellectual property discovered by investigators, Tomas Ganz, MD, PhD, and Elizabeta Nemeth, PhD.
NeuroSigma Inc.

UCLA Startup NeuroSigma, Inc. Set to IPO at $50M

NeuroSigma, which develops electrical devices used to treat drug-resistant epilepsy and depression, announced terms for its IPO. The company is in trials to have its bioelectronic products approved in the US, and has received marketing approval as an adjunctive therapy for adults in AU, CA and the EU.

UCLA Healthcare Startup Receives $1.6M Grant

SELFA Inc., a healthcare technology company founded on research developed at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, in August won a $1.65 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Fast-Track award from the NIH Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Intellectual Property Announcements

New U.S. Patents Awarded

  • 8,842,901 - Compact automated semen analysis platform using lens-free on-chip microscopy  | A. Ozcan, et al.
  • 8,841,471 - Open MOFs with exceptional surface area and high gas storage capacity  | O. Yaghi, et al.
  • 8,840,816 - Making nanocrystalline mesoporous spherical particles  | Y. Lu, et al.
  • 8,834,896 - Vault compositions for immunization  | L. Rome, et al.
  • 8,823,526 - Method of assessing human fall risk using mobile systems  | W. Kaiser, et al.
  • 8,821,408 - Data mining system for noninvasive intracranial pressure assessment  | N. Martin, et al.


New UCLA Technologies Available for Licensing



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