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June 5, 2015
FirstFridays @ OIP
Speaker:  Peter Marx, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Los Angeles

May 26, 2015
CNSI Entrepreneurship Forum - Kite Pharma's Journey from Incubator to NASDAQ Listing

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Kythera Receives FDA Approval for Chin Fat Treatment
UCLA licensee, Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, recently announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the drug ATX-101 "for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with submental fat in adults."
Tom Ganz - UCLA

UCLA Startups Move Discoveries to Market, Benefit Society
UCLA has a strong reputation for launching successful startups. In fact, UCLA ranks among the top five college campuses in the nation when it comes to starting new companies. Nearly 140 startups are currently working on bringing scientific discoveries developed at UCLA to the public.

USPTO Awards Stem Cell Patent to UCLA Researchers
Two UCLA stem cell researchers have received a patent for their method of verifying that stem cells created in a lab using adult donor cells have potentially reached a pluripotent state, which means they are capable of turning into any other cell in the body. The patent was issued to UCLA's William Lowry and Kathrin Plath.
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UCLA App Competition:  "Code for the Mission"
UCLA faculty, staff and students are invited to enter the second annual “Code for the Mission’ competition to develop mobile applications promoting UCLA’s mission of education, research and service. Winners will earn placement of their app in UCLA’s App Store and a $5,000 prize in each of this year's three categories.

 Roundup:  UCLA Startup Funding and IP Licensing Highlights

Intellectual Property Announcements

New U.S. Patents Awarded

  • 9,011,913 - Use of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles in cancer detection and. . .  | M. Akhtari, et al.
  • 9,011,857 - Methods of treating cancer by administering EMP2 antibodies  | J. Braun, et al.
  • 9,007,433 - Incoherent lensfree cell holography and microscopy on a chip  | A. Ozcan, et al.
  • 9,005,966 - Generation of pluripotent cells from fibroblasts  | W. Lowry, et al.
  • 9,005,544 - Digital microfluidic platform for radiochemsitry  | M. Van Dam, et al.
  • 9,000,053 - Process & system for reducing sizes of emulsion droplets and. . .  | T. Mason, et al.
  • 8,993,719 - Methods and compositions related to mutant kunitz domain I of TFPI-2  | P. Bajaj

  • 9,026,347 - Smart electric vehicle (EV) charging and grid integration apparatus and. . .  | R. Gadh, et al.
  • 9,017,773 - Universal solution for growing thin films of electrically conductive nano. . .  | R. Kaner, et al.
  • 9,013,860 - Asymmetric hybrid supercapactitors based on nanotube nanowire composites  | Y. Lu, et al.
  • 8,999,550 - Charge storage devices containing carbon nanotube films as. . .  | G. Gruner, et al.
  • 8,993,998 - Electro-optic device having nanowires interconnected into a network of. . .  | Y. Yang, et al.


New UCLA Technologies Available for Licensing




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