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June 24, 2015
LAVA First Look LA 2015
A sneak peek at emerging startup opportunities, new technologies, and university spinouts.

June 27, 2015
Entrepreneurship Summit  Challenges and Opportunities in the Booming LA Biotech Scene

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Calimmune Logo

Calimmune, Inc. Raises $15 Million in Series B Financing
UCLA licensee, Calimmune Inc., a clinical-stage gene therapy company, has successfully completed its $15 million Series B financing round, led by a large pharmaceutical company. Proceeds will be used to progress the company’s ongoing HIV/AIDS clinical trials, research programs and general corporate operations.
Kite Pharma Logo

Kite Pharma Executives Share Startup-to-NASDAQ Success Story at UCLA CNSI Entrepreneurship Forum
Dr. Arie Belldegrun, chairman, president, and CEO of Kite Pharma gave a brief history of the company, and was followed by a unique panel discussion with members of Kite’s senior management team and scientific advisory board on May 26, 2015 as part of the CNSI Entrepreneurship Forum.
Bone Biologics logo

UCLA Startup, Bone Biologics, Inc., Receives $2 Million
Bone Biologics, Corp. recently announced the completion of a $2M funding round with Hankey Capital, LLC of Los Angeles, CA. The company is developing a proprietary protein for use in bone regenerative medicine using the patented recombinant human protein known as UCB-1 (or Nell-1) for use with patients undergoing spinal fusion.
UCLA Researchers

New for UCLA Inventors: Submit Invention Disclosures Online via UCLA's PI Portal
To access, visit UCLA Rapid PI Portal. You can find "Create New Disclosure Form" under the "My Inventions" tab. For questions about the new disclosure form option, please contact OIP-ISR.

Intellectual Property Announcements

New U.S. Patents Awarded

  • 9,047,950 - Read-disturbance-free nonvolatile content addressable memory (CAM)  
    D. Markovic, et al.
  • 9,047,429 - In-place resynthesis and remapping techniques for soft error mitigation in FPGAs  
    L. He, et al.
  • 9,045,474 - Compounds and compositions for mitigating tissue damage and lethality  
    R. Schiestl, et al.
  • 9,045,387 - Oxidative homo-coupling reactions of aryl boronic acids using a porous copper metal-organic framework as a highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst  
    O. Yaghi, et al.
  • 9,036,407 - Voltage-controlled magnetic memory element with canted magnetization  
    K. Wang, et al.
  • 9,034,577 - Method for expression of small antiviral RNA molecules with reduced cytotoxicity within a cell  
    I. S.Y. Chen, et al.
  • 9,034,266 - Polyaniline nanofiber hydrogen sensors  
    R. Kaner, et al.


New UCLA Technologies Available for Licensing




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  • 2nd Annual UCLA App Competition: "Code for the Mission"
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Code for the Mission image

UCLA App Competition:  "Code for the Mission"
UCLA faculty, staff and students are invited to enter the second annual “Code for the Mission’ competition to develop mobile applications promoting UCLA’s mission of education, research and service. Winners will earn placement of their app in UCLA’s App Store and a $5,000 prize in each of this year's three categories. Team Registration Deadline Extended to:  June 15, 2015
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