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December 04, 2015
FirstFridays @OIP-ISR
Topic:  "Top 5 Early Stage Mistakes"
  Scott Iyama, Esq., Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe

December 1, 2015
Lunch-N-Learn for UCLA Faculty and Postdoc Entrepreneurs

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Dino Di Carlo

UCLA Lab to Real Life: Di Carlo Launches Biotech Firms
For UCLA bioengineering professor Dino Di Carlo, publishing a paper is not the endgame in doing research, and earning a degree is just the beginning for students. Di Carlo has helped launch three biotechnology companies based on research performed with students and colleagues, pushing his lab work to the world beyond.
Disk image

Startup To Commercialize Supercapacitor Advance
A new, Los Angeles-based startup, spun out of UCLA, is in the midst of looking to commercialize a technique developed by researchers at the school to create easily printable supercapacitors--circuits which, in the future, could further shrink the size of mobile electronics.
Kite Pharma Logo

Kite Pharma Could Score Big with Cancer Treatment
UCLA licensee Kite Pharma hopes to revolutionize the treatment of a common, deadly lymphatic cancer. "Kite is the star of the L.A. County biotech cluster," said Ahmed Enany, CEO of the Southern California Biomedical Council. "The success of a company like Kite would have a significant effect on the ecosystem..." 
ImaginAb Logo

ImaginAb Collaborates with Lilly on Cancer Research
UCLA startup ImaginAb Inc. and Eli Lilly recently announced a preclinical research collaboration to study potential novel T-cell-based immuno-oncology therapies. ImaginAb will conduct preclinical research using its immune imaging agent, IAB22M2C (a clinical anti-human CD8 probe), to detect T-cell trafficking, redirection and infiltration in response to Lilly oncology molecules.  

Intellectual Property Announcements

New U.S. Patents Awarded

  • 9,169,303 - Vault compositions for immunization  
    L. Rome, et al.
  • 9,163,248 - Targeting pseudotyped retroviral vectors  
    S.Y. Chen, et al.
  • 9,157,126 - Salivary protein biomarkers for human oral cancer  
    D. Wong, et al.
  • 9,139,575 - Broad spectrum antiviral and antiparasitic agents  
    M. Jung, et al.
  • 9,155,801 - Amino acid sequences which enhance peptide conjugate solubility  
    R. Weisbart
  • 9,151,705 - System and method for deforming and analyzing particles  
    D. Di Carlo, et al.
  • 9,150,889 - Electro-autotrophic synthesis of higher alcohols
    J. Liao, et al.
  • 9,150,598 - Masking apertures enabling automation and solution exchange in sessile bilayers  
    J. Schmidt, et al.
  • 9,145,542 - Method for producing aldehyde from CO2  
    J. Liao, et al.


New UCLA Technologies Available for Licensing



UCLA Research in the News 
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