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March 07, 2017
5th Annual UCLA Medical Device Partnering Conference

March 03, 2017

Topic:  "Connecting UCLA Student Talent to the LA Startup Ecosystem"

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UCLA Receives $2.2 Million to Support Tech-Transfer
A $22 million investment from the state is propelling new innovation and entrepreneurship efforts across the UC through investments in infrastructure, incubators and entrepreneurship education programs. Each of UC’s 10 campuses has just received $2.2 million in one-time funding from Assembly Bill 2664, authored by Assembly member Jacqui Irwin, and signed last fall by Gov. Brown. [ more]
Neural Analytics

UCLA Startup Receives CE Mark for Medical Device
UCLA startup, Neural Analytics, announced recently that it received CE Mark for its next generation ultrasound device, the Lucid M1 Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System (Lucid System). Neural Analytics is a medical device company developing technology to measure, diagnose and track brain health. [ more]
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UCLA Startup Interview:  Kos Galatsis, CEO, Carbonics
"...we have been fortunate to be part of the UCLA Incubator. The [CNSI] Institute has a lot of nanotechnology equipment, fabrication equipment, and labs, as well as Ph.D. level technicians there to help... We have one of the most advanced nanotechnology facilities in the world on our doorstep. That's why we've been able to come where we are as a startup company." -Kos Galatsis [ more]
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Last Chance to Enter "UC Entrepreneur" Campaign
With the February 28 Deadline fast approaching, UCLA students, faculty, and staff still have time to enter UC's   “I’m a UC Entrepreneur” competition. Participants receive a free T-shirt and a chance to win lunch with UC President Janet Napolitano, Sr. VP Gulbranson, and several Silicon Valley venture capitalists. Launched in Fall 2016, the campaign is about celebrating the talent, creativity & passion that makes UC an entrepreneurial powerhouse. [ more]

UCLA Intellectual Property Announcements

New U.S. Patents Awarded

  • 9,563,745 - Medical case treatment decision support system  
    Saigal, C., et al.
  • 9,560,754 - Solution processed nanoparticle-nanowire composite film as a transparent conductor for opto-electronic devices 
    Yang, Y., et al.
  • 9,403,053 - Exercise promotion, measurement, and monitoring system  
    A. Bui, et al.
  • 9,556,229 - Modification of peptides using a bis(thioether)arylbridge approach  
    Ruchala, P., et al.
  • 9,550,980 - Composition and methods for the production of L-homoalanine  
    Liao, J., et al.
  • 9,388,247 - Antibodies against cancer target block tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastatis  
    R. Reiter, et al.
  • 9,549,954 - Method and composition for inducing human pluripotent stem cells  
    Soo, C., et al.
  • 9,549,905 - Treatment of inflammatory and infectious skin disorders  
    Taylor, E., et al.
  • 9,539,300 - Modulating disease through genetic engineering of plants  
    Fogelman, A., et al.
  • 9,538,928 - Neural recording system  
    Liu, W., et al.
  • 9,537,087 - Magnetoresistance sensor with perpendicular anisotropy  
    Wang, K., et al.
  • 9,534,033 - Targeted interferons demonstrating potent apoptotic and anti-tumor activities  
    Morrison, S., et al.


New UCLA Technologies Available for Licensing

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Physical Sciences



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