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News Bulletin - January, 2013  
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UCLA Licensee, ImmunGene, Forms Joint Venture to Develop Antibody-Interferon Fusion Therapeutics to Treat Cancer
ImmunGene Logo
Therapeutic programs target non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma and Breast Cancer. 

"ImmunGene, Inc. (ImmunGene) and Caliber Biotherapeutics, LLC (Caliber) announced today (11/13/12) the launch of Valor Biotherapeutics, LLC (Valor), a joint venture focused on the clinical development and commercialization of monoclonal antibody-interferon (mAb-IFN) fusion protein therapeutics targeting certain cancers.

The mAb-IFN fusion protein technology was invented in Professor Sherie Morrison 's laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles and licensed exclusively to ImmunGene. This technology is being used to enable the precise targeting of tumor cells with monoclonal antibodies and their destruction by interferon..." 


ImmunGene ]
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Guiding UCLA Inventors through Intellectual Property Commercialization
Jacob Schmidt's Lab
To many academics venturing into the world of intellectual property management for the first time, it’s a foreign place with its own terminology, acronyms and concepts.

As the birthplace of many new groundbreaking products and services, UCLA is a tremendous source of talent and innovation, fueled by $1.18 billion in research funding.

However, for many academics venturing into the world of intellectual property management for the first time, it’s a foreign place with its own terminology, acronyms and concepts unfamiliar to most.

This can result in mass confusion for the budding UCLA inventor who wants to bring his or her technology out of the laboratory and launch it into the marketplace.

Such was the case for professor Jacob Schmidt, Department of Bioengineering, who not only created a novel drug screening product but also co-founded a company to license his invention from the university.

“I can write up what the invention is and can say what it does, but I don’t know the legalese and what things are patentable and defendable,” Schmidt said. “There are a lot of details that I’m not as aware of...”



Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
As Los Angeles looks to gain global recognition as an entrepreneurial hub, UCLA faculty and students are playing major roles in the transformation.

When Melanie Gin '12 was in London with UCLA's Education Abroad Program (EAP), she wanted to share her experiences with her friends. She posted photos on Facebook, but they didn't really capture what she was doing. She created a blog, but almost no one read it.

Back on campus, Gin expressed her frustration to Tri Nguyen '11, who had felt much the same when he was in Japan with EAP. The two, then UCLA seniors, decided to create a website where anyone could make a personal travel journal, "a digital storybook." They named it Travelstrings and recruited two engineer friends to build it.

Now, after alpha and beta testing, they're ready to raise capital and create a business based on the website—with a backer already lined up.

Gin throws around terms like "angel investor," "monetize," "cash-flow positive," "seed money" and "beachhead" with the fluency of a seasoned tech executive. But she gained much of that familiarity in just 10 weeks on campus last summer at an entrepreneurship boot camp for students and recent graduates called Startup UCLA...



Feb. 01, 2013 First Fridays @OIP Event - Theme:  Funding for Research
Kinross Building

Date: Feb. 01, 2013
Time: 9am-10:30am
Place: Suite 210, Kinross Bldg

Join UCLA's licensing staff, inventors and entrepreneurs Friday, Feb. 01, 2013 for bagels, coffee and networking.  

Guest speaker:
 Jill Sweitzer, Strategic Research Initiatives, UCLA
Theme: "Funding Research Projects Through Grants."
Topics include:
  • Funding opportunity resources
  • Elements of a strong proposal
  • Tips for successful grant-writing
  • Funding resources at UCLA
Space is limited. RSVP is recommended!  [ REG & INFO  ]


Los Angeles Entrepreneurs in the News:   Accelerators, Investors & Events
LA is one of the nation's leading entrepreneurial and entertainment tech hubs. News, events, and opportunities from the LA region are featured in this section.

  • SoCaltech Interviews TX Zhuo about LA's Newest Venture Fund, Karlin Ventures. [SocalTech; read more]
  • 6 Reasons Los Angeles is Suddenly Booming with Startups         [Forbes; read more]
  • Social Discovery Platform, At the Pool, Closes $1 Million Seed Financing Round Led by Clearstone Venture Partners [ TechCrunch; read more ]
  • Top Investors Are Scrambling to Invest In a Startup Called Chromatik [BusinessInsider; read more ]
  • Launchpad LA Doubles Down on Accelerator, Now Offering Startups $100K [Pandodaily; read more ]




Feb. 1, 2013 
Kinross Bldg., Suite 210

Guest Speaker:
Jill Sweitzer 
Strategic Research Initiatives, UCLA

THEME:  Funding Research
"What new resources are available to UCLA researchers to help raise funding for research."

  RSVP:  [ registration ]


Jan. 16, 2013
653 Charles E. Young Dr.

Mich Mathews
Angel Investor, former CMO & SVP of Microsoft

       Info & Registration

9th Annual


Feb. 6-7, 2013
Palm Springs, CA

The Clean Tech  Investor Summit brings together key players in the clean tech sector including, investors, Fortune 500 executives, and  entrepreneurs.

      Info & Registration

Note:   discount code for UCLA is:  UCLACT

Patent Image
Latest UCLA patents issued by the USPTO:

8,325,001  Interleaved three-dimensional on-chip differential inductors and transformers | Frank Chang, et al.

8,324,937  Methods for differential pair conductor routing in a logic circuit | Ingrid Verbauwhede, et al.

8,323,011  Lobe pump system and method of manufacture | Daniel Yang, et al.

8,318,182  Vault compositions for immunization against Chlamydia genital infection | Leonard Rome, et al.

8,314,245  Preparation of functionalized zeolitic frameworks | Omar Yaghi, et al.

8,309,525  Treatment of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, myocardial injury and neurodegeneration with humanin and analogs thereof | Pinchas Cohen, et al.

8,298,798  Production of C5-C8 alcohols using evolved enzymes and metabolically engineered microorganisms | James Liao, et al.

8,297,983  Multimodal ultrasound training system | Eric Savitsky, et al.


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