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News Bulletin - February, 2013  
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Welcoming the New Year; Strengthening Relationships with Industry, Investors, and Entrepreneurs

 Dear Colleagues,

Brendan Rauw
The New Year presents an opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished over the past 12 months and to look ahead at what we aim to achieve moving forward. I want to take this time to acknowledge some of our campus successes in 2012 and to highlight our office’s commitment to furthering UCLA’s entrepreneurial mission in 2013.

Last year, the world-class research at UCLA contributed to the launch of a new drug for the treatment of prostate cancer (Xtandi®), the execution of 90 new technology transfer agreements, and 15 promising new, research-based startups. UCLA startups are advancing promising technologies for improving the safety of cardiovascular procedures , treating epilepsy and major depressive disorder, and enabling low-cost point-of-care diagnostics.

The Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Sponsored Research also went through a period of significant change, bringing in new faces and a wealth of industry and venture experience to champion new initiatives and foster industry relationships. We are planning more campus events, monthly breakfasts for campus innovators at our office, expansion of opportunities for students to engage in technology commercialization, a medical device industry day this spring, and many more to be announced.

We look forward to many more successes for UCLA this year! 

Brendan Rauw
Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Entrepreneurship


UCLA Applauds Recent Decision in Licensing Case
Affirms UCLA's commitment to fair business practices and the commercialization of university technologies as all claims against UCLA in the Medivation Lawsuit are dismissed.

An important ruling in a licensing case has affirmed UCLA's commitment to fair business practices and the speedy commercialization of university technologies for the benefit of the public.

Judge John E. Munter of the Superior Court of San Francisco granted (Dec. 20, 2012) a summary adjudication in favor of UCLA in a lawsuit filed by the pharmaceutical company Medivation Inc. The suit concerned research conducted at UCLA that resulted in the development of a number of promising compounds for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Certain UCLA patent rights for one series of those compounds were licensed exclusively to Medivation, which in 2012 received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a compound developed at UCLA for the treatment of prostate cancer, called Xtandi.

Separate UCLA patent rights for a second series of prostate-cancer treatment compounds were exclusively licensed to Aragon Pharmaceuticals Inc., including ARN-509 (also referred to as A52), which is now being tested in Phase 2 clinical trials for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer...

[ Read Full Ruling; pdf ]


AvidBiotics and DuPont to Collaborate on Food Safety Applications
The partnership includes a DuPont Ventures equity investment.

AvidBiotics Corp. and DuPont Nutrition & Health (NYSE: DD) announced a collaboration aimed at significantly improving food safety.

The agreement, which includes a DuPont Ventures equity investment, gives DuPont worldwide, exclusive rights to AvidBiotics’ antibacterial protein technology in the broad realm of food and food protection. AvidBiotics retains all rights to applications of its technology in the fields of animal health, human therapeutics, human prophylactics and human diagnostics.

“As a global leader in the field of food science and safety, DuPont is an ideal partner to help us realize the full potential of our Purocin™ antibacterial protein technology for food-related applications,” said James L. Knighton, President of AvidBiotics, Inc. “This collaboration provides us with the needed resources to advance our efforts against the most important food-borne pathogens, the seriousness of which as a health threat is only compounded by the increasing resistance of many of these organisms to antibiotics. Along with DuPont, we will continue to advance our most immediate product opportunity in food protection against E. coli 0157:H7...


[ AvidBiotics ]
[ DuPont Ventures ]


TechTransfer 'Roundup:  UCLA Startup Funding and Licensing Developments
A re-cap of funding and licensing announcements featured in previous issues of UCLA Invents.

  • C3 Jian Closes $30 Million Financing [more]
  • UCLA Startup, Tribogenics, Raises $6.2 Million Series A Round Led by Peter Thiel's Founders Fund [more]
  • ArmaGen Technologies Announces $17 Million Series A Financing [ more]
  • UCLA Licensee, Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., Announces Closing of IPO  [more]
  • UCLA Licensee, ImmunGene, Forms Joint Venture to Develop Antibody-Interferon Fusion Therapeutics to Treat Cancer [more]
  • Islet Sciences Announces Exclusive License with UCLA to Commercialize Small Molecules for Islet Expansion [more]


    New Technologies Discovered by UCLA Inventors Available for Licensing
    Kinross Bldg
    UCLA technology is commercialized by entrepreneurs and established companies - locally and worldwide.

     A Radiotherapy System for Better Radiation Dosimetry
    Researchers in the UCLA’s Department of Radiation Oncology have developed a sophisticated system to address technical difficulties associated with non-coplanar treatment so that radiation dosimetry for treating cancer can be significantly, safely and efficiently improved.

     Droplet Microfluidics On Multi-layer Printed Circuit Board
    UCLA Researchers in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department have developed a novel apparatus for a digital microfluidic system which economically simplifies system development and enables scalability, while accommodating high electrode counts.

     On-chip, Real-time Feedback Control For Electrical Manipulation Of Droplets
    UCLA researchers have developed an on-chip, real-time feedback system that accurately detects and controls the droplet volume. The system hardware uses no external pumps and valves, and the feedback algorithm employs continuous loop closing during each droplet generation.

     STED Microscope with a Large Field of View
    Researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA have developed a stimulated emission depletion (STED) system that allows a large area of interest in a biological sample to be imaged multiple times at super resolution.

     Pharmacological Treatment of HIV by Blocking NEF
    UCLA scientists have identified pharmacologic candidates for inhibitors of the HIV Nef protein using a novel high throughput screening assay.

     Novel Pseudotyped Lentiviruses for Targeted Gene Therapy
    UCLA researchers have developed a novel lentivirus pseudotype to specifically infect EphrinB2 expressing primary cells including difficult to transduce cell types like stem cells and neurons. This virus also has the ability to improve targeted gene therapy methods as it is the only known lentivirus not trapped in the liver following systemic delivery.

     Peptide Treatment for Microbial Intestinal Inflammation
    Researchers at UCLA have developed a novel therapeutic to treat bacterial toxin derived inflammatory intestinal diseases.



    @ OIP

    Feb. 1, 2013 
    Kinross Bldg., Suite 210

    THEME:  Funding Research
    "What new resources are available to UCLA researchers to help raise funding for research."

    Guest Speaker:
    Jill Sweitzer 
    Strategic Research Initiatives, UCLA

      RSVP:  [ registration ]

    Industry Research Collaboration

    Featuring:  3M

    Date: February 20, 2013
    Time: 9am-10am PST.

    3M is building new research relationships with universities. The goal of this webinar is to provide university researchers direct feedback from 3M regarding the company's identified areas of interest including,  medical imaging, material science, textiles, security  and more (pdf).

    Registration is free [ web ]

    About this webinar:
     OIP and UCLA Development have joined with Innovosource to bring this webinar to UCLA.  

    Additional Industry-focused webinars will be featured in future issues of UCLA Invents.

    9th Annual

    Feb. 6-7, 2013
    Palm Springs, CA

    The Clean Tech  Investor Summit brings together key players in the clean tech sector including, investors, Fortune 500 executives, and  entrepreneurs.

          Info & Registration

    Note:   discount code for UCLA is:  UCLACT

    Patent Image
    Latest UCLA patents issued by the USPTO:

    8,357,365  Granulysin Peptides and Methods of Use Thereof | Jenny Kim, et al.

    8,355,198  Method and Apparatus for Generation and Detection of Rogue Waves | Bahram Jalali, et al.

    8,354,583  Solar Cells Arrangement | Oscar Stafsudd, et al.

    8,351,529  Apparatus and Method for Detecting Communications from Multiple Sources | Michael Fitz, et al.

    8,345,946  Determining Orientation of Cilia in Connective Tissue | Maria Grazia Ascenzi, et al.

    8,342,136  Method and Apparatus for Animal Positioning in Imaging Systems | Arion Xenofon Hadjioannou, et al.

    8,333,112  Frequency Tuning of Disc Resonator Gyroscopes via Resonator Mass Perturbation Based on an Identified Model | Robert M'Closkey, et al.

    8,325,001  Interleaved three-dimensional on-chip differential inductors and transformers | Frank Chang, et al.


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