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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende

Order of Service for Sunday, May 2, 2021


10:30am SMA Time, Virtual Service by Zoom



Celebrating Children’s Day in Mexico


Día Del Niño


Nory Contractor, Guest Speaker



Nory Contractor, Guest Speaker

Denise Galipeau & Paula Peace, Coordinators

Chris Chase, Service Leader

Dr. Stephanie Studenski, Covid-19 Task Force Update

Robin Loving, Covenant

Bill Dalsimer, Offering Introduction

Mark Johaningsmeir, Joys & Concerns

Paula Peace, Pianist

Diego Vargas, Audio/Visual Technician

Diana Amaya, Back-up Technician

Joseph Plummer, Video Editor & Communications

Denise Galipeau, Sunday Service Manager

About Today’s Speaker

Born in Cuba and then living for 46 years in Miami, Florida, Sra. Nory Contractor came to San Miguel about 6 years ago. She has held her current position for the past 5 years, directing the non-profit Patronato Pro Niños as it provides medical, dental, nutritional, and psychological attention to underserved children in San Miguel and its remote rural communities. A skilled educator and executive, she held responsible positions at Humana, United Healthcare, and as Campus President of the National School of Technology, Miami. She is a founder of Mano Amiga, which provides microloans to women entrepreneurs in San Miguel de Allende.


About Today’s Music

Our Prelude ‘Celebration’ dates back to 1980 and is still popular today and first recorded by ‘Kool and the Gang’.


Our Musical Meditation, Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ has been performed by over 300 artists in a number of languages. Cohen’s original version had 80 verses.


Paula Peace will play Traümerei (Dreaming) from Robert Schumann’s Kinderscenen (Scenes From Childhood). Schumann wrote 30 movements for this work but chose 13 for the final version. He apparently told his wife Clara that the "thirty small, droll things", most of them less than a page in length, were inspired by her comment that he sometimes seemed "like a child".


Many will recognize the words of Kahlil Gibran’s famous poem ‘On Children’ from his book ‘The Prophet’. Today it is narrated by Dorna Djenab with soothing, heart lifting music in the background.


The Postlude, ‘True Colors’, a song written by American songwriters Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly and first recorded by Cindi Lauper. Today it is performed by The Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf & Hearing Children, with the British Paraorchestra and Team GB Paralympians.




Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Celebrate                            3:52

In celebration of Universal Children's Day




COVID Task Force Update                                   


Opening Words & Chalice Lighting



I Seek the Spirit of a Child, Hymn #338

Julia Stubbs



We respect the interdependent web of life and work for a just and peaceful world. We encourage the search for truth and meaning, strive for compassion in our relationships and seek values that will benefit our lives and the lives of others.  This is our covenant.

Respetamos todos los estilos de vida dentro de su red interdependiente y trabajamos por un mundo justo y pacifico. Alentamos la búsqueda de la verdad y la comprensión total. Nos esforzamos por mantener compasión en nuestras relaciones y buscamos valores que beneficien nuestras vidas y las vidas de los demás. 
Este es nuestro convenio.


Joys and Concerns


Musical Mediation

Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen,

One Voice Children’s Choir


Offering Introduction



From You I Receive…

Performed by Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt

Church of the Larger Fellowship


Offering Music

Traümerei (Dreaming)

From Robert Schumann’s Kinderscenen (Scenes From Childhood) 

Paula Peace, pianist


Introduction of Nory  Contractor


Talk Dia del Niñ o, with Nory Contractor


Music Video On Children, poem by Kahlil Gibran

Narrated and Presented by Dorna Djenab


Closing Words and Extinguishing the Chalice



True Colors - The Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf & Hearing Children teamed up with the British Paraorchestra and Team GB Paralympians

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Coming Up Next
Sunday, May 9, 2021

“Voices from the Fellowship—Where Have You Found Nurturing?”

Speaker: Phyllis Culp

During this Sunday’s online Service celebrating Mother’s Day, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende will present “Voices of the Fellowship” reflecting on the value of “nurturing”—a theme more inclusive than “mothering.”  As Guest Speaker  Phyllis Culp says, “We often think of mothers as our nurturers, and in fact most are. However, it is worthwhile to point out that this day celebrates values not restricted to childhood nor powers embodied only in women. Anyone can be nurturing or nurtured as individuals’ thoughts, needs, and talents change during their lives.” 


Voicing this theme, some dozen UUFSMA members and friends will share their words about what nurturing means to them. Their many stories will reflect upon mothers, fathers, strangers, family, and friends. As well they will pay tribute to the multiculturalism and music of nurturing. Following the service, those attending online will be invited to share what nurturing means to them and to suggest how nurturing could build a better world.


 In 1870, Julia Ward Howe, a Unitarian, appealed to women around the world to establish a Mother’s Day for Peace and organize mothers against war. The limited success of her pacifist goals led Howe later to regret that Mother’s Day had morphed into a commercial occasion in the United States, which it remains today. Mexico imported the holiday from the U.S. in 1922, and until the 1940s Dia de las Madres promoted conservative roles and “morals” for women and reduced ecclesiastical influence on women. Today, as in Canada and the U.S., this Sunday for mothers is an unofficial holiday and occasion for family get-togethers as well as honorific greetings and commercial advertisements applauding mothers and grandmothers.


Ms. Culp and her husband King have been Unitarian Universalists for 50 years and members of the UUFSMA for over 15 years. With two daughters in their 50s, nurturing in the Culp family has been multi-dimensional for many decades.

What’s your legacy?


PLEASE give the matter your thoughtful consideration. Then, if appropriate, take the steps necessary to remember your loved ones and the causes you care about.  For more information about making a current donation or a future bequest to the UUFSMA Endowment Fund, visit the Fellowship website ( or contact Steve Singer, Endowment Committee Chair ( 


                                                                                  ...Because you care.

Tom’s Coffee Hour Discussion, Tuesdays (9:30am)

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Tuesday Discussion group, May 4 (11:00am)

The Tuesday Zoom discussion group is led by Bill Dalsimer.  
Topic: Forgiveness: What does it really mean to forgive? How hard is it to offer, and how hard to accept? Do both sides benefit? We hear amazing news stories of real forgiveness of those causing unimaginable harm from torture, killing, stealing or outrageous betrayals. How does forgiveness actually free victims or their families? Could that be true? How hard is it to live a happy life if YOU were the cause of someone else's enormous pain? Does it matter if it was deliberate or accidental? How does one atone for causing such grief if it was not a crime? How do you learn to forgive yourself?



Thursday Discussion group, May 6 (11:30am)
The Thursday Zoom discussion group is led by Trish Snyder. 
Topic: tba



Friday Buddhist Group, Sangha of the Heart (10:00am)

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