YOU are amazing!!!

    What started out as inspiration that came to Fr. Victor Perez in our Board of Director’s meeting became a movement of prayer! Over 500 people signed up for 30 for Vocations from August 1st-4th, some praying each day! Many others prayed the Novena to St. John Vianney with us!! Praise Him! Thank YOU, Prayer Warriors!

    We know God cannot be outdone in generosity, so expect the fruits that will come!! If you want to continue praying for vocations, then, consider joining Invisible Monastery, a worldwide community of people committed to praying for vocations. Their goal is to attract enough members to pray for vocations 24 hours a day in every diocese. Click to check it out.

    September 9—International Buy Your Priest a Beer Day

      ARE YOU READY?!?! I know your priest is!!! If beer is not your priest’s beverage of choice, then buy him something else, bake him cookies, or take him to dinner.

      Do you have consecrated sisters at your parish? If so, why not celebrate 
      Buy a Sister a Margarita Day? Have fun with the priests and sisters in your life and say thank you to them often. 

      They're Back!!

        Photo of the Seminarians from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

        It is time to step up your prayers for every seminarian from your diocese who is returning this week or next to college or major seminary, which means writing essays, taking part in community life, taking tests, and having fun! Maybe your ministry can hold a gift card drive for a Welcome Back gift or send them a card of affirmation.

        Find more about that activity in Hundredfold and at, under Phase II and Affirmation. Do you have a young man attending seminary from your home parish? Think of something special to do for him and his family as a sendoff, which includes letting them know you are praying for them.  

        St. Charles Borromeo, please pray for all seminarians! 

        New Resources
          Each month I add new resources and ideas to! Recently, I revamped the Priesthood Sunday and National Vocation Awareness Week resources which ministries will be using to plan for this year’s event. So make sure you get a subscription to see how easy it can be to implement the ideas in Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry.

          Don’t believe me? Below is an endorsement from a subscriber who wanted to share why she felt having full access to helped her create a culture of vocations at her parish.

          I just signed up for my Vocation Ministry Membership to the online resources that go with our book Hundredfold. I did not hesitate as I knew I needed access to the wonderful resources provides to benefit our ministry! By following the information/text of our book and then being able to go online to implement some of our activities and events is vital! I always wondered how we were so lucky to have all these fabulous resources free of charge and our group appreciates the fact that they were free for our use, but to keep all of us on track and help Rhonda continue to promote vocations, we were happy to contribute to their ministry which, in turn, will contribute all sorts of ideas and guidance to our ministry! Sign up today! You will be so glad to have the resources it provides to make your ministry stay on track and serve your parishes!  


          Ord, Nebraska

          Keep in Touch!

            Don’t forget to email me back with your stories of triumph or struggle. If you have questions, know that I am here to support you in this mission of Building a Culture of Vocations One Parish at a Time! Email me!

            As always, know that you are in my prayers. If you think of it, please pray for me, too.

            God bless you!

            Rhonda Gruenewald
            Vocation Ministry
            Cell: 281-352-4005

            St. Alphonsus Liguori, Pray For Us!

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