What a YEAR
    Vocation Ministry has been entrusted to hold workshops and teach hundreds of priests, deacons, and parishioners this year how to promote vocations and have a vibrant Vocation Ministry (see chart below)!
    Since 2015, Vocation Ministry has given 63 workshops in 37 dioceses. What is amazing to think about is that in that short time, thousands of parishes have been affected! Potentially tens of thousands of parishioners are now hearing about vocations, praying for more priests, sisters, and holy marriages, and taking part in activities that promote a culture of vocations! Thank you for participating in this ministry! Thank YOU for saying YES!

    Gift Ideas for your priests! These ideas,  from this article, can definitely be adapted to affirm religious brothers or sisters that you have at your parish or nearby.

    • Baked goods, handmade items, or your time - Gone are the days when priests had the luxury of someone available to cook and clean for them. In most parishes, these responsibilities are now left to the priest. Your gift of time to help with housework, cooking, or other types of service may be greatly needed and appreciated.
    • Gift cards or tickets to events - Just like the rest of us, priests need to take the time to enjoy concerts, sporting events, and other leisurely activities. Find out what your priest likes to do in his spare time and treat him.  If you have not already done so, ask your priest to fill out the  “Get to Know your Priest” questionnaire so that you know his favorite candy, sports team, and so much more!
    • A New Phone Case!  See almost 20 stunning options for various iPhone and android phone sizes!
    • A spiritual rosary bouquet, a Mass offered for his intentions, or another form of prayer! Of course, this is the best gift we can give to anyone this Christmas, but especially our priests.  Download it here and get as many parishioners to fill them out, especially the lined back with a special story of the way their priest has impacted their lives!
    • A spiritual book or movieIn Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart -- The Journal of a Priest at Prayer. I have given it to several priests who give it raving reviews!!!   Buy it on AmazonDear Father: A Message of Love for Priests  by Catherine De Hueck DohertyBuy it on Amazon
    • A parish event - Your priest is likely stretched trying to meet the many needs of your parish. Help him out by planning and facilitating an event that enriches your faith community, especially for vocations!

    Ministry Celebration

      I hope you take time this month to celebrate your accomplishments from your ministry at your parish! I tell everyone to make small but meaningful steps if you are a brand-new ministry, so revel in the seemingly small ways that your ministry has impacted your parishioners’ lives!

      • Are they now hearing announcements about vocation-related days?
      • Are they hearing prayers for vocations in the prayers of the faithful now at Mass?
      • Is a prayer for vocations said by all at Masses?
      • Do you have vocation-related brochures now in the church book rack?
      • Did you affirm your priest this year for Priesthood Sunday?

      I am sure you have done this and much more! Take this December meeting to celebrate what has been accomplished and give thanks to everyone who helped you do so this year!

      Smile while Christmas shopping!

        Vocation Ministry has registered to receive donations via the Amazon Smile Program. When you shop, a small portion is given to Vocation Ministry. This is such an easy way to support what this nonprofit is doing to promote the priesthood, consecrated life, and sacramental marriage. Click on the link below and then follow this one step process:
        Keep in Touch!

          Don’t forget to email me back with your stories of triumph or struggle. If you have questions, know that I am here to support you in this mission of Building a Culture of Vocations One Parish at a Time! Email me!

          As always, know that you are in my prayers. If you think of it, please pray for me, too.

          God bless you!

          Rhonda Gruenewald
          Vocation Ministry
          Cell: 281-352-4005

          St. Alphonsus Liguori, Pray For Us!

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