A New Year for Vocations

    As we celebrate a New Year and the excitement for what is to come, I would like to thank each of you for being part of this vocation journey and your support of Vocation Ministry. I recognize with gratitude the extraordinary grace of God working through our lives and those we encounter. Praise God!

    As you know, I have been on a mission to build a culture of vocations throughout the US and Canada. I thought some numbers might speak louder than words on what was accomplished in 2016:

    • 38,269 airline miles logged
    • 2,750 copies of Hundredfold: A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry were sold
    • 2,500 new Facebook followers
    • 1,000,000 people reached via Facebook posts
    • 13 Hundredfold Workshops for parishioners
    • 1515 Parishioners were at the workshops to hear the message of Vocation Ministry
    • 3 Workshops for Priests on Forming a Vocation-Friendly Parish
    • 186 Priests were in attendance
    • 1 Presentation to the National Religious Vocation Conference (regional meeting)
    • 4,820 Users visited www.vocationministry.com

    God is good! Now, let’s get to work!

    February Vocation Days

      Here are two days in February which provide great opportunities for affirming those with vocations to religious life and marriage:

      World Day for Consecrated Life | February 4-5, 2017

      Purpose: To recognize those who are from your parish/diocese who are in religious orders, bring awareness to consecrated life in general.

      Ideas: Post picture and information of a consecrated man or woman from your parish or diocese in bulletin or poster at entrance of the church. If you don’t have any, then post a prayer for vocations to religious life in your bulletin or download and print a banner to advertise the day. If you are in Phase II-IV, you could ask a religious sister, brother, or priest to give a reflection at Masses or speak to your youth group or parish school about Consecrated Life. For the banner, prayer, and more click here.

      World Marriage Day | February 12, 2017

      Purpose: to affirm those who have said yes to the vocation of marriage, so that they recognize the joys of this vocation as they did on their wedding day. Remember:

      Marriages striving for holiness = Growing, thriving Church and holy vocations

      Ideas: For those in Phase I, insert the blurb below for your bulletin, make announcements at Masses, give out marriage prayer cards, or recognize the couple married longest at Masses. If you are in Phase II-IV, you could hold a renewal of vows, organize prayer for those in marriage prep as a parish, have some of the married adults, who work with the teens, give their testimony, hold a reception for married couples after Masses, or consider recommending The Choice Wine, which is a couple’s ministry, at your parish. I have recently added some information on these ideas throughout www.vocationministry.com.

      Bulletin Blurb:
      This weekend we celebrate World Marriage Day!!! Let’s take time to pray for our spouses and each other to lift our marriages. Do something special for each other this weekend to show your gratitude for your spouse and their YES! Your goal in this Vocation of Marriage should be to get your spouse to heaven. Take time to ponder in your heart how you can do that, starting right now. God bless you?

      This list is not exhaustive. Be creative!

      Share this unique Vocation Bible School with your Director of Religious Education and/or your pastor right now! Embark on a DISCOVERY MISSION! Help kids discover their mission in life–their vocation! Discover Mission VBS is filled with fun activities and meaningful content about marriage, priesthood, and religious life.

      • Designed for a week-long, half-day VBS for ages 4-12
      • Kid-friendly lessons about all vocations
      • Reveals the beauty of marriage and family
      • Connects priesthood with the Eucharist
      • Shows the power of religious life
      • Helps kids remain open to God’s call
      • 100% Catholic content, with imprimatur
      If you are on Facebook, check out Vocation Ministry and share some of the uplifting stories and posts about vocations with your friends. I post stories that make us look at the priesthood, consecrated religious life, and marriage in a joyful way! Did you see the most liked post of 2016? The post reached 54,000 people!

      A family friend just entered the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation (Nashville Dominicans) along with 24 other young ladies. Her father posted this picture of her leaving the material world behind as she walked up the stairs and the video of her coming down in her new postulant uniform. The joy radiates from the new Sr. Lauren and her family!

      Please pray for Sr. Lauren, her family, and all those discerning God's will in their lives! St. Augustine, pray for us!

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      Spreading the Message

        Lastly, I was interviewed by Doug Keck, President and COO of EWTN, for his show Bookmark last April, and it begins airing this weekend (times are EST):

        Sunday Jan. 15, 8:30 a.m.
        Monday, Jan. 16, 4 a.m., 4:30 p.m.
        Saturday, Jan. 21, 12:30 a.m.

        If you miss the show on TV, it will be available online after Monday here.
        Keep in Touch!

          Don’t forget to email me back with your stories of triumph or struggle. If you have questions, know that I am here to support you in this mission of Building a Culture of Vocations One Parish at a Time! Email me!

          As always, know that you are in my prayers. If you think of it, please pray for me, too.

          God bless you!

          Rhonda Gruenewald
          Vocation Ministry
          Cell: 281-352-4005

          St. Alphonsus Liguori, Pray For Us!

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