Wyoming Business Council Newsletters
Wyoming Business Council Newsletters
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August Newsletter (Aug 2020)
August 2020 The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency Interruption Fund allows small-business owners to breathe a sigh of relief  Last month, the Business Interruption Fund distributed nearly $100 million of federal grant money to Wyoming small businesses negatively impacted by the public-health orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here. “I just wanted to say thank you for h

July Newsletter (Jul 2020)
July 2020 The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency Wyo’s wide-open spaces continue to attract investment Wyoming remains open for business and the Business Council senses opportunity to attract more industry to the state as existing companies continue to prove this is a great place to do business.   Shop Smart, Shop Safe campaign encourages safe return to retail SHOP SMART, SHOP SAFE is a statewide campaign to provide business r

May Newsletter (May 2020)
May 2020 The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency Wyoming Strong In times of need, our small, tight-knit communities and local business owners shine brightest. We’ve gathered some of the stories we’ve learned about or been part of in the last few weeks.  We know this is just a fraction of the compassionate, creative ways Wyoming is responding in the face of covid-19. If you have a story to share about how your community or your favorite loca

April Newsletter (Apr 2020)
April 2020 The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency Business Council gathers COVID-19 resources for employers, employees and communities The COVID-19 outbreak is hitting employers, employees and communities hard.    However, there are resources available.   The Business Council has been maintaining and updating a growing list of local, state and federal resources, along with best practices and helpful tips for facing these unprecedented times.

March Newsletter (Mar 2020)
March 2020 The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency Homegrown startup class blooms in western Wyo  “Giving that presentation convinced my family – my husband, in particular – that this idea could work, and they supported me 100 percent,” she said. “And really, I convinced myself. I don’t know that I would have had the confidence to start my business without the JumpStart program.” - Jennifer Anderson, entrepreneur and business

February Newsletter (Feb 2020)
February 2020 The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency New CEO brings plenty of experience, but what he doesn't know may be his best asset As Wyoming Legislators are settling into the newly renovated halls of the Capitol building for the 2020 Budget Session, Josh Dorrell is settling into his new role as the CEO of the Wyoming Business Council just a few blocks away. “Our traditional businesses got us here, but they’ll need to adapt and piv

Newsletter: January 2020 (Jan 2020)
January 2020 The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency Business Council helps Wyoming merchants seize opportunity When Shopko shuttered, it left Wyoming communities in a lurch. The Business Council responded with a local-first approach that gave community merchants the tools and data to replace some of the product lines lost when the big guys left town. Now, we’re releasing a handbook that shows how other communities can replicate those efforts.

Newsletter: December 2019 (Dec 2019)
December 2019 The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency Adults rediscover learning through scholarships A new Laramie County Community College program is one example of how Wyoming’s higher education institutions are taking a creative approach to broadening the state’s skilled workforce. "By working to educate our adult population, we believe we will provide a larger workforce to drive the economic growth in Wyoming." - Lisa Trimble, a

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