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Introducing the e-NABLE Hub (Aug 2019)
A new social platform to bring together all of our e-NABLE resources Introducing the e‑NABLE Hub Short version:  After evaluating suggestions from our community, we are considering a new social platform to bring together all of our e-NABLE resources and make them easier to find. Help us evaluate this platform by visiting hub.e-nable.org to share your feedback. A video demonstration of the new platform can be found here. Full version: As e-NABLE's diverse,

2019 Spring Newsletter (Aug 2019)
Whats new in the e-NABLE universe e-NABLE Newsletter Spring 2019 e-NABLE is a global assistive technology network built on an infrastructure of 3D-printing, internet collaboration, and good will. Every quarter, we share the news from our expanding community across the world as we explore adaptability, access technology, and our open commons. HEROES STORIES COMMUNITY HANDS ON DECK SUPPORT ABOUT  HER

December Newsletter (Dec 2018)
Headlines Podcast Recommendation: Jen Owen, Mother of e-NABLE, Talks 3D Printing on "Constant Wonder" Listen Now Gift the Gift of a Helping Hand this holiday Listen Now Video Game-themed Hands? Sign Me Up! Limbitless Partners with Riot and 343 Industries  3D Printing Inspiration High Fashion Meets 3D Printing: Inspire Your Device Designs with Interdisciplinary Synergy Read More

November Newsletter (Dec 2018)
Headlines Check Out Team UnLimbited's New Ariel-themed Rainbow Hand View Now Facebook Matching EnableFund Donations: Spread the Word on Giving Tuesday! Get Involved Find Yourself on the New and Improved e-NABLE Network Map Read More 3D Printing Inspiration 3D Universe Offers e-NABLE Community Skin Tone Filament Options Read More Halifax Chapter Recycles Plastic Weed Container Lids i

October Newsletter Final (Oct 2018)
Volunteer Stories 5 Ways to Get More Female e-NABLErs Read More Translation Effort Continues! Get Involved How a 3D Printed Hand Gave this Girl the Gift of Play Read More 3D Printing Inspiration DyeMansion Launches Widest Color Palette for SLS and MJF 3D Prints Read More Do Higher Temperatures Lead to Better FDM PLA 3D Printed Parts? Read More World Prothetics

Labor Day Newsletter (Oct 2018)
Volunteer Stories Panthers Star Cam Newton Gets e-NABLE Device Read More Kansas City Girl Receives Loveland CreatorSpace Arm Read More 8-Year-Old Aiden 3-D Printed Limbs Changing Lives Read More 3D Printing Inspiration Phoenix Hand Kits: Funding Available! The 3D Universe Phoenix Hand assembly kit is now available for free, thanks to the  Million Waves Project. Provide the gender, age and location o

e-NABLE Newsletter - August, 2017 (Aug 2017)
Over the past 4 years, the e-NABLE Community has created and delivered approximately 2500 free and low-cost 3D Printed assistive devices to those in need of a “helping hand.” What began as a project between two men who collaborated across the internet from 10,000 miles apart, has grown to tens of thousands of “Digital Humanitarians” in over 90 countries around the world who are eager to use their talents and skills for the greater good. With such a giant volunteer network of individuals, school


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