Issue #15 March 2017
A Change is in the Air!

After the recent heat wave that NSW has experienced I'm sure you are, as we are, rejoicing with the cool change that has now hit the state. With the mild change now sweeping across the state, it is the perfect opportunity to get those landscaping projects under way.
Check out some of the great tips and information below on planting for this time of the year.

Also don't miss out on the AILDM hosted Ozbreed farm tour.

Amy Gilson.
Ozbreed Farm Tour - AILDM Event
Join AILDM for a tour of Ozbreed's research farm in Clarendon, NSW. The tour will take place on the 4th of April 2017 between 9:15am to 2pm, and you will also be in with a chance to win a chopper ride over the beautiful Hawkesbury river.

This event offer 3 AILDM CPD points.

Autumn Planting

Why is Autumn the best time to plant? P
lanting when weather is cooler, and there is a considerable period of cooler weather ahead simply makes sense.

Click Here to read more (Article by Todd Layt)
Landscape Gardening Plants - How to Mass Plant for Large Gardens

For very large gardens, mass planting with reliable landscaping plants can be the most effective way to achieve an attractive and easy care garden without requiring extensive gardening know how. Mass planting can also mean simplified maintenance, as all the plants will be happy with the same maintenance tasks.

Click Here to read more about mass planting successfully
Colour For Autumn

Little Ruby Alternanthera dentata 'LRU30' PBR is the ideal plant to add a burst of colour to any garden or landscape in Autumn. It is the perfect mounding ground cover plant, with a compact spreading habit, and stunning deep burgundy foliage that makes it a real stand out plant.

The Little Ruby™ plant loves humidity, but this Alternanthera will also tolerate frost better than most other forms.

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Does a Green Wall count as Green Space?

Having green space matters. As available land becomes a highly valuable commodity in our cities, less and less is devoted to green space.

Click Here to read the full story by Kate Wall
Our Top 10 Plants for Mass Planting in NSW

Here we have listed our Top 10 plants for Mass Planting in NSW.

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Empire Turf: King of the Roadside

Choosing the right turf for roadsides is an important detail for councils that is often overlooked. The right roadside coverage can offer benefits in time management, allocating budgets, even health and safety.

Click Here to read the full story (By Alyce Shaw - Turf Mate)

Upcoming Events

Ozbreed will be in attendance at various events in the coming months, and throughout the year. To see the Conferences and Trade shows we will be attending throughout April and May Click Here (75kb)

Poa labillardieri 'ESKDALE' PBR
'Eskdale' is proven as the best mass planting landscape Poa for 15 years. It is low cost, fast to establish and its larger size means its great at outcompeting weeds. Perfect for Autumn planting.
Kingsdale® Poa poiformis
'PP500' PBR

This Poa has brilliant blue arching foliage that will add softness to any landscape. It is great for erosion control, is excellent in coastal positions and is great for Autumn planting.
Nafray® Pennisetum alopecuroides 'PA300' PBR
This Pennisetum is a tougher, and more compact variety of native Pennisetum. It has low seed viability, making it a non-invasive native. It has been a proven performer in landscape for over 10 years, is more drought tolerant and again is a great choice for Autumn mass planting.
Pennstripe™ Pennisetum alopecuroides 'PAV300' PBR
This very compact and hardy native grass has beautiful contrasting variegated foliage, is non-invasive to bush land, and grows to 2/5 the size of the common form.
Purple Lea® Pennisetum alopecuroides 'PA400' PBR
Another beautiful Australian Native grass that has low seed viability, making it friendly to native bush land. It boasts showy, feathery purple flowers that contrast with its full sized green foliage, and is great at attracting native birds.
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