Issue #15 March 2017
A change is in the Air!

With the cool change now sweeping across the country, it is the perfect opportunity to get those landscaping projects under way.
Check out some of the great tips and information below on planting for this time of the year.

Amy Gilson.

Autumn Planting
Why is Autumn the best time to plant? Planting when weather is cooler, and there is a considerable period of cooler weather ahead simply makes sense.

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Landscape Planting - How to Mass Planting for Large Gardens

For very large gardens, mass planting with reliable landscaping plants can be the most effective way to achieve an attractive and easy care garden without requiring extensive gardening know how. Mass planting can also mean simplified maintenance, as all the plants will be happy with the same maintenance tasks.

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Does a Green Wall count as Green Space?

Having green space matters. As available land becomes a highly valuable commodity in our cities, less and less is devoted to green space.

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Our Top 10 Plant for Mass Planting in TAS

Here we have listed our Top 10 plants for Mass Planting in TAS.

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This tough and reliable Dianella is the best performing and biggest selling Dianella tasmanica in Australia. Tasred® often gets a red base in colder climates, and has a very tidy appearance.
This ultra compact Phormium has an outstanding bronze colour, and provides exceptional colour contrast for modern gardens. It is much tougher than Elfin and Baby Bronze, and has cleaner foliage.
Blush™ Nandina domestica 'AKA' PBR
This revolutionary mid sized dwarf Nandina produces red new growth in spring and autumn, and in the winter months, Blush™ turns vivid red all over. This Nandina is safe near bush land as it will not spread from seed. See red more often with Blush.
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