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February 2021 Newsletter (Feb 2021)
SnapScan: Moving with the times - as always!   As you have come to expect from NFS, we work hard to make accessing our services to you as simple and convenient as possible. As our client meetings are now conducted virtually through Zoom, you no longer need to drive out all the way to our offices. We want to offer you another easy way to pay your fees with us – Snapscan.   What is Snapscan?   It is a cardless way to pay for goods and services using your smart phone. Follow these s

January 2021 Newsletter (Jan 2021)
What sparks change? To spark change, we need two elements: discomfort (otherwise there will be no motivation to change) and hope (the ability to envisage a different reality and the faith that it is possible).   I am sure we can all agree that we have an abundance of the first element! For the second one we must work at a bit harder. It requires skill and understanding as well as creativity to look at things differently. And then it takes a measure of faith – that slippery concept that can

December 2020 Newsletter (Dec 2020)
High Days and Holidays   This year has been out of the ordinary to say the least. Foremost on everyone’s minds will be COVID-19. The concept of High Days has different and layered meanings for us. So, let us deal with the Coronavirus first. The Statistics as at 13 December 2020:   Location Cases Recovered Deaths Worldwide 72,3M 47,3M 1,61M South Africa 861K +7999 761K +893 23 276 +170 The number of cases worldwide is climbing. We all have heard of the se

November 2020 Newsletter (Nov 2020)
Moving with the times   Cape Town, or ‘ Kaapstad’ in Afrikaans, is often jokingly referred to as ‘ Slaapstad’ (‘Sleeping city’ for our English audience). The urban legend is that Cape Town slows down well before the rest of the country.  This may be true for other businesses in the Mother City, but at NFS we have been remarkably busy!   1. NFS is going places All our meetings are now virtual. Feel free to refer your friends to us, regardless of where they live. You can choose

October 2020 Newsletter (Oct 2020)
Moving with the times   It is an exciting time for me to be working on my MBA! I get to see the theory play out in front of my eyes and put the lessons learnt directly into practice in my own business. It has truly taken ‘action learning’ to a new level.    Technological changes, driven by the 4th Industrial Revolution and Covid19, are changing our operational models and bringing about changes to our systems.   Since March 2020:   We initially operated from a central

September 2020 Newsletter (Sep 2020)
Do you ever think about what you put in your supermarket trolley?   It is time to do the monthly grocery shop. As you drive to the shop you think about what a different space you are in under level one of this endless lockdown. Those other levels were grim. At the traffic light, you recall the conversation you had with your neighbour yesterday. ‘It has come down to you and me to make a difference’ you stated. Boldly. Afterwards, you felt a little guilty because you had not done anything

August 2020 Newsletter - Restore (Aug 2020)
Virtual identity theft - the recent experience of Experian During the past week, Experian, one of South Africa’s largest credit bureaus, confirmed that it was scammed. It was duped into handing over data including ID numbers, telephone numbers, and physical and e-mail addresses of more than 23 million South African individuals and nearly 800,000 businesses to a pretender. Someone who convinced them that they ‘should’ be granted access to this information.   This person was GOOD! 

July 2020 Newsletter (Jul 2020)
In the face of the Icy Gales of Change: When last did you consider changing jobs? Why on earth? You might well doubt my sanity. Given the current economic circumstances the only sane thing to do is to keep your head down, your nose clean and not to make unnecessary eye contact with the Person Who Has The Power To Fire You – particularly on a Monday. Do what you must. Do what you can and then a bit more, but not too much to attract attention to your existence.   Yes. Times are tough.

June 2020 Newsletter (Jun 2020)
Finding hope and truth in difficult and confusing times The current COVID-19 numbers and what this tells us According to the WHO Situation Report for the 21 st of June, 2020, there are 8 708 008 known COVID-19 cases in the world. That number has increased by183 020 from the previous day. 461 715 people have died - an increase of 4 743 souls. 4.8 million people worldwide have recovered.   The National Institute of Communicable Diseases confirmed that for the same date there were 9

May 2020 Newsletter (May 2020)
Rolling back lockdown - we eagerly await Level 3   Isn’t it good news that JUST before exhausting all the banana bread and home-brewed pineapple beer recipes on Social Media and JUST before you run completely out of excuses to tackle those dreaded DIY home maintenance projects, the Good President decided to send (most of) us back to work, as of the 1st of June, 2020?   Well…   This is bittersweet. After all, no-one will be left unaffected by this crisis. Some of us have or w

APRIL 2020 Newsletter (Apr 2020)
Coming out Lockdown is scheduled to end on the 30th of April at 23h59 – but you won’t be able to throw a party to celebrate – yet. We have to tread carefully – if we abandon our social distancing efforts too soon, we can lose all that we have gained. As it stands, the peak of infections are only expected to be reached around September in South Africa. Those In The Know predicts that the Corona virus will be with us (globally), at least until midway through 2021 and we’re still many month

March 2020 Email (Mar 2020)
Pandemic Blues Everyone is talking about the novel Corona 19 virus, or COVID-19. We all have a mix of denialists, panic buyers, end-of-the-world proclaimers, racists, but also altruists, helpers, idealists, realists and motivational speakers in our bubbles and the tension is palpable. This virus has taken its toll on the economy and people are panicking as they watch markets underperform.  Businesses are taking strain and many workers across the board are worried about their financial

Feb 2020 Email (Feb 2020)
Can anyone please explain to me why this year is in such a hurry? Here we are, already into February and the pace is not slowing down.   At Northwood Financial Services cc, we are all on track to provide you with solid, balanced, financial advice and again affirm our readiness to work with you to help you secure financial independence, protect your lifestyle and grow your wealth. Remember, we listen to YOU – it is your needs, priorities and preferences that matter, which is why we do no

Dec 12 2019 Email (Dec 2019)
Looking back It seems as if the year speeds up exponentially after October! Here we are, nearing the end of the year again. At the closing of this decade, I want to reflect on a few things – the good and the bad. We have seen: Corruption and arrests The end of a political era and a new President has been elected. There are various mechanisms that have been put in place to investigate and fight corruption. Though the wheels of justice seem to be turning slowly, we are finally seeing cor

Sept 25 2019 Email (Sep 2019)
Social Media and Northwood Financial Services cc At NFS, we have been very busy! Apart from continuing to look after your financial well-being and offering brilliant advice, we have also been hard at work on our Social Media presence. Website Those of you who have recently visited our website at, would have noticed that the pages are being updated to better reflect our current services. Here you will find information on our business, our philosophy and our service offeri

Aug 28 2019 Email (Aug 2019)
Young Achievers Since I entered the financial services industry in 1987, I have come to recognise that many people feel insecure about their ability to handle finances in a responsible, well-thought-through manner.   I also realise that as financial advisors, we have an essential role to play in facilitating greater financial literacy and giving our clients the necessary skills to make decisions about their finances so that THEY remain in control – not the broker.   Communicating the u

Jul 20 2019 Email (Jul 2019)
Finding the Right Person in our Office I hate trying to contact some companies, especially when you get locked into speaking to a computer without any hope of a human answering. We try to avoid such experiences.   While I am the Key Person within Northwood Financial Services cc, and I am the coach who will conduct the interviews, I have a number of support staff who make things happen.  Here is a quick guide to help you find the right person when you next want to communicate with us: &

October 2017 (Nov 2017)
ARE FINANCIAL PLANS OPTIONAL? Recently, someone asked me why I thought they needed a Financial Plan This particular person has short-term debt equal to two years’ salary and long-term debt equal to seven years' salary. Their total debt accrued interest equal to 70 percent of their monthly income. I suppose my answer, which was “ You aren’t particularly good at working with money,” wasn’t obvious to them. A financial plan will force you to confront a few realities. What are your long and sho

September 2017 (Oct 2017)
TREATING CUSTOMERS FAIRLY In the financial services industry, not all financial planners follow the same code of ethics. Recently I became aware of two situations where clients were subjected to questionable advice. John had around R2 000 000 to invest and naturally discussed his options with his financial planner. He was told to invest the whole R2 000 000 in a single premium endowment, essentially locking the money away for five years. John happens to be 94 years old. His financial planner s

August 31 2017 (Sep 2017)
MEET THE NORTHWOOD TEAM Northwood Financial Services CC was founded in 1990 by Nico Kleynhans. Nico started working in the financial services industry in 1987. After forming Northwood, he completed a Diploma in Financial Management and then went on to obtain a Post-graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. He now holds the title of Certified Financial Planner - CFP®. Nico’s clients rely on his years of experience, as well as his unique take on financial planning. The Office Team: Kristen is Nor

July 31 2017 Copy (Aug 2017)
WHEN MARKETING THEORIES CHANGE The 4P approach is the most popular Marketing Model that businesses have been following for at least 60 years. These are namely: Place, Product, Price and Promotion. Today, businesses are forced to move away from the 4P approach. Research shows that marketing trends have changed profoundly. The shift is a necessary one if you are an entrepreneur and want to keep up with your clients’ needs and wants. Place – This no longer only refers to a physical place where

June 28 2017 (Jun 2017)
PLANNING FOR A COMFORTABLE RETIREMENT When planning for retirement a general guideline is to aim for an income of between 75% to 80% of your salary. This should ensure that you are relatively comfortable. However, it is worth noting that the pension you receive at retirement must account for inflation. Your retirement savings will need to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of living. One of the most frequently asked questions at Northwood is “ How much will I need one day?” To ensure that

May 24 2017 (May 2017)
KEEPING YOUR FINANCIAL PLANNER IN THE LOOP Do you talk to your Financial Planner before making a financial decision? At Northwood, we encourage our clients to contact us before making any financial decisions. A client of ours applied to her bank for vehicle financing. She also gave the salesman assisting her permission to apply on her behalf. The two financing offers she received quoted the same interest rates and to her the deals looked the same. However, after reading through each offer, we

Apr 25 2017 (Apr 2017)
INVESTMENT ADVICE: THE NORTHWOOD DIFFERENCE When starting your financial planning journey, there are many options to consider. By far, the biggest dilemma many clients face, is conflicting advice. The area that often causes the most confusion is retirement planning. There have been several legislative changes around retirement funding in the last few years. Therefore, the amount of outdated information floating around comes as no surprise. We recently received a query from one of our clients re

Mar 21 2017 Email (Mar 2017)
THE POWER OF ASSET DIVERSIFICATION During 2016 some of our clients grew their wealth by up to 22%. In an environment where the JSE did not perform all that well, and where some insurance portfolios had a return of 1.1%, our strategy has proved itself again. How do we do this? We use active managers like 2IP to manage our unit trust portfolios, and we diversify our clients' portfolios. Every client knows that we expect their investment portfolio to include an emergency fund, investment re

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