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Coming out

Lockdown is scheduled to end on the 30th of April at 23h59 – but you won’t be able to throw a party to celebrate – yet. We have to tread carefully – if we abandon our social distancing efforts too soon, we can lose all that we have gained. As it stands, the peak of infections are only expected to be reached around September in South Africa. Those In The Know predicts that the Corona virus will be with us (globally), at least until midway through 2021 and we’re still many months away from a viable vaccine.


So. Is the lockdown worth all the pain and hardship that will reverberate through many, many months and possibly years to come? I read a startlingly elegant explanation for lockdown on Facebook the other day: we stay away from friends and family, so that when we come together again, no-one will be missing. And yes. It isn’t equally disruptive or life threatening for all.

President in the spotlight 

Watching the President, Cyril Ramaphosa, speak is challenging. On the one hand, what he says inspires and reassures that there is a plan. It is an indication of direction and imparts some insight into the workings of the Great Machine we call Government. On the other, the lack of detail can raise anxiety and stress as we are told that the details will be shared by the various Ministers involved ‘in the coming days’ – a rather vague time frame.


It isn’t the good President’s fault. He has to lead and then let his minions thrash out the details. And yes. There have been mixed messages. There has been bungling and bullying and some may even go as far as to say betrayal.

And yet...

What we do know is that there is a plan, even as it is being developed on the fly. We do know that the Ministers will talk to us and will give us the most recent information, as they’ve done in the last few weeks. We do know that this is a complex, life altering experience for us all, but that it won’t last forever. We have seen civil society pull up its socks, roll up its sleeves and pitch in to help. You and I will have to continue to do so, as no matter how carefully planned and negotiated, the plans the government comes up with and the budgets they attach to these, alone, will not be enough.

How the coming out process will be handled

The lockdown is going to be lifted through a phased approach. This will be monitored in terms of the increase, stabilization or decline of infection numbers. At the latest reading given by the Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, explained that, depending on where the numbers of positive cases are growing, further tightening of the lockdown restrictions may be necessary to curtail new infections. This may mean that in such areas you will not be able to spend quarantine periods at home, but will be accommodated in a government determined quarantine area.

If I can't throw a party now, what can I do?


The following industries will be the first to return to work:

  • Hardware shops can open, but may only sell materials for emergency use to plumbers, electricians, glaziers and roofing contractors. You are not yet welcome to buy.
  • Businesses that provide Eskom with materials or services have to return to full capacity immediately.
  • Oil refineries also have to return to full capacity immediately
  • All mines need to revert to 50% of its capacity immediately. They must collect their staff and safely transport them from their homes to the mine accommodations. All miners are to be screened and tested upon arrival. Mine hospitals must open immediately and prepare for the pandemic.  
  • Call centres that provide services to the health, safety, social support, government and financial services industries (including debt relief and short term insurance) need to return to work with immediate effect. Most are now open and working 6 day week.
  • All emergency home repair businesses need to return to work – electricians, plumbers glaziers and roofing contractors
  • Mechanics need to be available for repairs to the vehicles of all essential workers (including support companies like couriers) – the warehouses that control the car parts must open and delivery services for said car parts must open.
  • Information and communication sector suppliers need to be in operation immediately
  • Hotel, lodges and guest houses that provide services to those on lock down must return to full service
  • All harbours need to resume full production immediately. Goods waiting for export must be loaded, and imports must be cleared.


Going out with a bang - NOT

In all the uncertainty and lack of clarity around certain technical aspects of how the end of lockdown will be managed, we do know the following:

  • No big bang – we are looking at some measures being in place till after September
  • No one may be evicted, whether you live in a formal, informal or farm setting
  • The Government is systematically looking at more ways to support the most vulnerable citizens through increases in social grants
  • A further R70 billion has been earmarked for protecting jobs
  • An amount of R100 billion has been earmarked for loan guarantees for companies who need bank loans


Last words

This is the time you need your financial advisor most – for you as an individual in terms of your personal finance, but also for you, should you be a business owner. It is our job to be on top of the latest news and financial support schemes. It is our job to help you navigate the various processes and applications. Now is the time for you to let us take your proverbial hand!


Feel free to contact NFS on WhatsApp, Facebook or email, should you have questions. You can also follow our broadcasts on CCFM. These are made available on Facebook, should you wish to watch these at your convenience.


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CCFM Breakfast with Friends
CCFM Breakfast with Friends
CCFM Breakfast with Friends
CCFM Breakfast with Friends
CCFM Breakfast with Friends
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