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Since I entered the financial services industry in 1987, I have come to recognise that many people feel insecure about their ability to handle finances in a responsible, well-thought-through manner.


I also realise that as financial advisors, we have an essential role to play in facilitating greater financial literacy and giving our clients the necessary skills to make decisions about their finances so that THEY remain in control – not the broker.


Communicating the underlying principles that should guide one’s financial decisions and providing advice on how to protect one’s lifestyle, meeting one’s goals and building wealth has become our goal.


Our children and their children


The comment I hear the most is that ‘ I wish I had started earlier.’ There is never a better time than the present – for yourself and those who come after you. Why not send your children or grandchildren who have recently entered employment to us? 


As with all valuable life lessons – especially those that require fostering good habits – financial acuity and skill are always best learnt whilst still young.


In a world where physical distance between loved ones has grown as opportunities continue to expand, we are grateful for technological advances that at least make virtual distance less. Because of these technologies, meetings can be held via Skype. These young adults, therefore, do not need to live in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.


Plans that suit Young Achiever’s Pockets


At Northwood Financial Services, we have created a unique process that will be both affordable and will give them the best chance to accumulate wealth, rather than wasting money, as so many of us did, using outdated strategies.


Our plan includes all the traditional elements such as:

  • an emergency fund
  • retirement annuity
  • risk cover

 We will teach them:

  • how to use their credit score to their advantage
  • how to budget correctly
  • how to manage debt
  • how to set short term goals

We recognise that, at this stage of life, not many of them have spare funds and student debt hovers over most. However, through applying the principles of proper financial planning, we can help them transition from student life and dependence into the ‘real’ world of fiscal responsibility and independence with a greater sense of certainty and success.  


A number of our clients have used this system and can attest to its success. Feel free to contact us to see if this, too, will work for you and yours. Use our email address


Learn more about financial planning and the application thereof in the real world by connecting with us through:



  • Ccfm,  every second Wednesday during Breakfast With Friends slot just after 7 am. Use the App if you are situated outside of the broadcast footprint or 107.5 if you live in the Southern Suburbs
  • On the same channel, every second Monday of the month, at 6 pm, I take part in a one hour programme with Wayne Turner.


  • Every Wednesday at 10:30 am, we post a blog on Facebook @northwoodgroup page

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Business call center
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