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High days and Holidays

High Days and Holidays


This year has been out of the ordinary to say the least. Foremost on everyone’s minds will be COVID-19. The concept of High Days has different and layered meanings for us. So, let us deal with the Coronavirus first.
The Statistics as at 13 December 2020:
Location Cases Recovered Deaths
Worldwide 72,3M 47,3M 1,61M
South Africa 861K +7999 761K +893 23 276 +170
The number of cases worldwide is climbing. We all have heard of the second and in some places third wave and that these are often much worse than the initial, first wave. It is also younger people who are becoming ill. Many countries are imposing progressively stricter lockdowns, especially in areas where there are spikes in infection. This is true for South Africa as well.
Why we should be careful when looking at statistics
Statistics tell us little except to drive home the fact that this is a grave issue. It is, after all, static – a broad reflection of a point in time, using the data available. It does not tell us how many cases are over or under-reported. It does not reflect population size or the percentage of the population in a country or its sub-regions that have fallen ill. It does not tell us about the nature, quality, or availability of health care options and how this impacts on the likelihood of survival, should you contract the virus. 
In most, if not all, countries, COVID-19 cases are under-reported. In most, if not all, countries, regardless of economic or social status, the health care institutions are under enormous pressure, to the point of many being at the brink of collapse.
The take-away
Statistics, on their own, even when reported on reputable platforms, do not give us insight into the context – not on a macro nor a minor scale. Be careful of these as well.
Much is being made of misinformation and disinformation and these are real concerns. If you are concerned about the truth of any claims made, use reputable fact-checking sites, like  
Do not mindlessly forward information! Check the facts, the history of the sender or site. Then report it! You can do so here:
We are not completely powerless. It is not only up to the Powers That Be or those with expert knowledge to actively root out fake news. We all can play our part.
Virus fatigue 
We know that you are tired of COVID-19. We know it has lost its shock value and sense of urgency for many of us. We know there are various vaccines in the pipeline. The reality, even from an optimistic viewpoint, is that it will take many months if not more to be accessible to all and to ensure its distribution. 
We are all human
We long for connection. We are a nation of huggers and kissers and holding hands whilst talking is how we do things! We know that the holidays are important to you and that often it is the only time we see family and friends who live far away. We know that many do not have the luxury of time or resources to travel by means other than public transport or aeroplanes. This is not only of importance to us but also those who work for us – whether in our homes or businesses outside of our residences. 
Please be safe out there! Be aware that your personal precautions may not be the same as those around you. You can still be a carrier of the virus, even if you do not experience symptoms. If you feel drawn to travelling, or celebrating the holidays, try as far as possible to meet outside, practising social distance, ensuring good hand hygiene (make sanitising a practice when entering a home) and keep all windows open. 
Updates on office closure
  • Our offices will officially close on the 18th of December at 3 pm. 
  • An emergency number (Nico’s cell phone number: 071 871 6753) will be in operation until the 6th January. 
However, this is for death claims and other emergencies only!
  • A limited office service will resume on the  6th  of January 2021
  • Full office service commences on the 13th of January 2021
Last words from Nico
Our clients find themselves in more than 10 countries around the world. We value diversity in all its forms. We do not only respect these differences but actively work to promote and protect the rights of everyone. 
As a Christian, celebrating the birth of Christ holds special meaning this year as it signifies the birth of Hope for humanity. We need Hope at the end of 2020. We need to believe that salvation is coming, that an end to the suffering of this disease will come. But we must take a sober, rational view and use science and all the resources available to us to fight this disease.
When you have lived as long as I have, you know that crises and opportunities are all temporary, but that there is always Light. And that is my wish for all our clients, regardless of where you find yourself or what your belief is – that you will experience infinite grace and protection. That you will look with kindness, compassion, and non-judgement at others whilst celebrating your Truth, as you see fit, responsibly and safely.

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Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
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