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Pandemic Blues

Everyone is talking about the novel Corona 19 virus, or COVID-19. We all have a mix of denialists, panic buyers, end-of-the-world proclaimers, racists, but also altruists, helpers, idealists, realists and motivational speakers in our bubbles and the tension is palpable.

This virus has taken its toll on the economy and people are panicking as they watch markets underperform.  Businesses are taking strain and many workers across the board are worried about their financial futures – particularly since we were decidedly not doing so well before the pandemic hit.

The facts of the matter, right now

It is said that we are about 51 days behind China in terms of the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. As of writing (24 March 2020), the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) have reported that 402 patients have tested positive for the virus in South Africa. Sadly, it will be more by the time you read this.

The majority of infections happened when South Africans had contact with international travelers or had themselves traveled outside of our borders. So far, local transmissions are considered low, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening, that they will not continue to happen and won’t accelerate. Many will get sick and unfortunately, by current predictions, around 4% of those who become infected will die.

The not-good-but-better news in all of this

We have the advantage of having seen the cycle of infection play itself out elsewhere. We have seen what works and what does not. Our President, despite real concerns about being economical with releasing information, has acted reasonably swiftly and decisively in proclaiming a state of disaster thereby invoking the Disaster Management Act. This does not mean we have been given social sanction to panic! The mechanisms of the Act ensure that it is possible to take action – resources were released, oversight structures has been put in place, measures to control social exposure has been announced. Daily, these measures are monitored, refined and adjusted.

We can still ‘flatten the curve’ to SLOW the spread of the virus. No – we cannot STOP the virus. We can slow the spread of new infections so that the health care system can cope better for longer. This means that more people can get the care they need timeously so that they can recover sooner and with little or no lasting effects.

In the end it boils down to you and me

As someone on Facebook posted: ‘to the one who bought up the last 27 bottles of sanitizer in the shop – you do know that you need others to disinfect their hands, don’t you?

But what can you and I do? Well let me tell you about what we are doing:

  1. We are encouraging everyone to use Skype or Zoom if they need to see us. However, if you are not able to do so, we can still meet at the office. See our hygiene protocol below.
  2. If there is an emergency, or you are very worried, don’t call the office. Rather send Nico a WhatsApp, so that he can attend to your queries whenever there is a gap in his day. He solemnly promises that he will not go home before all the WhatsApps have been attended to.
  3. For new clients – you are still welcome to make an appointment for your first, free, face-to-face meeting, even if you would prefer to do it in person at our office! We unfortunately won’t shake your hand. You will have to wash or sanitise your hands before and after we meet. All surfaces, phones and equipment are hygienically cleaned multiple times a day.

What can you do?

  1. Wash your hands whilst singing happy birthday to yourself, twice
  2. Breathe! Anxiety makes us hyperventilate and in times like these you need all the oxygen you can get to make good choices.
  3. Apply your mind to things – listen to the experts with verifiable credentials, check multiple sources and don’t share fake news and propaganda.
  4. Wash your hands whilst singing happy birthday to yourself, twice
  5. Post, Tweet, share memes on line that are full of life and joy and sometimes have nothing to do with the virus - as funny as some of the ’plague humour’ is, it can also fan some people’s anxiety.
  6. Ask yourself, every time you want to leave the house, do I really need to go? Is this the best/quietest time to go? Can I get it online?
  7. Go outside. Meet friends for a walk. Stretch. Count the leaves on a tree. The virus is a Great Indoor’s Man.
  8. Be generous. Where possible let your staff work from home. Pay those who work in your homes who risk becoming infected because they cannot avoid crowded public transport - but let them stay at home.
  9. Consider others. Perhaps you can donate the money you save on fuel since you are going nowhere to NGOs and religious organisations that provide social welfare services to vulnerable groups. Or ask your elderly neighbours if they need something from the shop when you go.
  10. Take note of the personal and social lessons this virus brings. If you would let it, this pandemic can help you re-evaluate your relationships with yourself, with others and with the planet. It can help you silence the noise and bustle and find your true North again. Write these lessons down and live out the answers and solutions, long after the virus has come and gone.
  11. Wash your hands whilst singing happy birthday to yourself, twice


Look to the past to predict the future

We will survive. Pandemics have come and gone. Stock markets have taken multiple beatings and crashed, but though it takes a while, equilibrium and growth is restored. The world has faced wars and recessions, but we survived them all. Do your bit. Look around and do what you can do. Look up and connect with your Higher Source of Light. We will survive.

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CCFM Breakfast with Friends
CCFM Breakfast with Friends
CCFM Breakfast with Friends
CCFM Breakfast with Friends
CCFM Breakfast with Friends
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