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Moving with the times


Cape Town, or ‘ Kaapstad’ in Afrikaans, is often jokingly referred to as ‘ Slaapstad’ (‘Sleeping city’ for our English audience). The urban legend is that Cape Town slows down well before the rest of the country.  This may be true for other businesses in the Mother City, but at NFS we have been remarkably busy!
1. NFS is going places

All our meetings are now virtual. Feel free to refer your friends to us, regardless of where they live.
You can choose whichever platform works best for you:
  • WhatsApp call or video
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • We have a new phone number:         021 203 0032 
  • Our WhatsApp number remains the same:     083 298 3070
  • Our physical address has changed:        1 Park Close, Marina da Gama, 7950
  • Our postal address remains the same:     P.O. Box 39315, Capricorn Park, 7945

We may be working from a different venue and in new ways, but we want to assure you that we offer the same quality service, based on YOUR needs, priorities, and circumstances. 

2. A new kid on the block

As you know, when it comes to matters of finance, we pride ourselves in offering you seamless services that run efficiently and (as far as possible) quietly in the background!
Tax season is upon us
Because of our high standards, we have always taken a conservative approach when considering the introduction of new products or services. We have, for some time, contemplated adding an in-house tax service. We have concluded that this would be mutually beneficial to our clients and NFS.. 
We upgraded all of our systems
We have acquired specialist tax software as part of our business-wide system upgrade. This will make it possible for us to manage our files even more efficiently whilst integrating tax submissions directly with the SARS database. The software will allow for more friendly reports to be generated.
We appointed a Charted Accountant
We have retained the services of Craig Whittle, a Chartered Accountant, who will do all signoffs before submissions are made to SARS.  Should you wish to communicate with our Tax Department, please use the following email address: 
Those who choose to enlist the services of our in-house Tax Practitioner will be invoiced by Northwood Financial Services cc.

Why doing your Tax through NFS is a good idea
We know our clients and we understand their estates. As part of our holistic approach to personal and business finance, we have advised many of our clients on tax-related matters in the past. Increasingly, tax calculations have become complex. It is easy to make mistakes. It is always better (and takes less time, resources, and energy) to prevent mistakes, rather than fight the system to fix it!
The public needs to know that Tax Practitioners must be registered with SARS and only then are we allowed to complete the tax returns for individuals. We can then offer advice to help you to conduct your tax affairs efficiently.
If you are not licensed, you may not complete anyone's else's return.
Vat Registration
Our fees will be slightly higher than those of some Tax Practitioners because we are a VAT registered concern. If you are VAT registered, you can claim this back from SARS.
Timely submissions
We hold ourselves to high standards. That means that we need sufficient time to apply ourselves to the processes that will lead to successful submissions. We cannot process 30 submissions received at the end of the day before the deadline!
Are you aware of the new and steep penalties SARS will be charging for late submissions? The penalties will range between R2 000 and R5 000! 
We give you our promise that we will promptly communicate with you about your submission. In return, we ask that you work with us so that, together, we can ensure success. Below, please find the dates on which we would like to receive your paperwork. The period to be declared is also set out alongside it.
Non-Provisional Tax Clients
Our Deadline
15 November 2020
Period to be declared
1 March 2019 – 28 February 2020
Provisional Tax Clients
Our Deadline
31 January 2021
Period to be declared
1 March 2019 – 28 February 2020
EMP 501 Submissions
Our Deadline
1 May 2021
Period to be declared
1 March 2020 – 28 February 2021
We do intend to rest in December
Our office will be closing on the 17th of December and reopen on the 4th of January 2021. We would like to point out that, just as you would like to spend some time with your family and friends and recover from 2020 and all its craziness, so do we!
In case you have a major financial emergency that absolutely cannot wait you could send Nico a WhatsApp on the office WhatsApp number (083 298 3070). Do allow additional time for him to come back to you but know that he will do so. 
As we contemplate the end of a novel year with a novel virus that caused novel challenges globally, we at NFS salute you! Well done for having made it thus far. We hope that you will remember that things are not back to normal yet, even as we get ready to celebrate the annual holidays. 

We are forced to break with many traditions we hold dear. But let us keep masking up, practising social distancing, and keeping up good hand hygiene – let us stand together (uncomfortable as it may be) now so that we can all remain standing for the new year and its new possibilities.

We have spoken before about dreaming of foreign shores. Escape fantasies are definitely not strange during these strange times. Perhaps it is the turquoise sea surrounding a tropical island that is mesmerizing you. Maybe it is just plain Perth with its dishrack for an opera house that takes you out of the moment.

I want to tell you about a goat.

Many years ago there was a policeman whose prized possession was Billy – a goat. The policeman was the only one allocated to the township of Tarkastad. He was very proud of his goat.

One day Billy disappeared.

According to the United Nations Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) 3.3 million patents were granted in 2018. However, as far as inventions go, we know the number is much higher. It is a fact that the only constant is change. Everyone over the age of 20 will tell you that this change is accelerating exponentially.

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Office hours
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We also work one Saturday per month

Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
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