Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
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It is an exciting time for me to be working on my MBA! I get to see the theory play out in front of my eyes and put the lessons learnt directly into practice in my own business. It has truly taken ‘action learning’ to a new level. 
Technological changes, driven by the 4th Industrial Revolution and Covid19, are changing our operational models and bringing about changes to our systems.
Since March 2020:
  • We initially operated from a central building

  • During lockdown, we decentralized operations to six separate sites

  • Currently we continue to our core operations in two locations, whilst our social media is managed off site in two locations as well.

  • Our operations are now digital and we no longer rely on a paper-based system – not only is this a ‘greener’ option, it is also more secure and time and cost efficient

  • Clients no longer need to travel to our offices – all meetings are now virtual. Not only has it become clear that our clients prefer this, it also means that we are not bound to a geographical area. Please feel free to refer family and friends from all over South Africa and the world! We have proven that we were able to move all operations online in record time and provided consistent, seamless services of the highest standards during lockdown.

  • We offer diverse options for virtual meetings – you can choose which suits you best:
    • Zoom
    • Skype
    • Microsoft Teams 
    • WhatsApp
  • We have increased our visibility and activity on social media - for some months now all the CCFm Radio Broadcasts are transmitted live via Facebook and our weekly blogposts (available as always on our website, and as a subscription omnibus) are available on a number of platforms like LinkedIn. 

  • More information-rich videos about personal finance and business coaching are in the advanced stages of planning and will soon be available on our YouTube channel. So watch this space!

  • During the next few weeks we will, after 30 years, bid farewell to Telkom. Technology has advanced and we no longer need the ‘landline’. We are currently testing new VOIP lines that will make it easier for us to attend to your queries and comments in a timely manner. Don’t worry if this sounds foreign! You will still be able to call us from your telephone. This is a internet driven service and we have upgraded our fibre to ensure good sound quality. We will make the numbers available as soon as we are satisfied that we have sourced the best product.

  • We have also decided to move our offices out of Capricorn Park. We no longer need so much expensive office space. Training rooms are a thing of the past, and client meeting rooms are no longer necessary. We are now able to provide training as needed every day and most of our external training takes place online.
Tax does not have to be a headache
Northwood has decided to create its own Tax Department. We have invested in fairly 
expensive specialist software to manage our tax systems. 
All though the TaxShop will continue to offer its tax services, we felt that a closer relationship with our clients would be beneficial. It is important to note that because we are Vat registered company, clients who do choose to move their tax affairs across to us will have to pay Vat as well.
Our fee structure for this service will be made available soon. We will not hold it against you, should you choose to remain with the TaxShop.

The sand in the hourglass might have run out for you, but it is not the end. Funerals are complex things that never seem to go quite as anticipated. Mostly, it seems, this is so because we assume everything had been taken care of somewhere along the line and we do not (want to?) take a closer look. Many funeral policies claim that you will receive a payout within 24 to 48 hours. What you may not realise is that it does not mean from the minute your Dear One departed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, out of the blue, someone from your bank’s home loan division contacts you, and offers you a 50% discount on your home loan? All you have to do is settle the loan by the next day? They will bully you but in a nice way. They will use lots of jargon.

Our economy may be shipwrecked but nothing on earth can stop the South Easter in its tracks. It is not for nothing that its Southern tip is known as the Cape of Storms. Eskom finally signed off (after 2 years of delays) on 27 wind and solar projects.

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Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
Cyber Crime - Identity Theft
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