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April, 2012
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Overcoming Anxiety
Motivational Quotes
Staying Focused on Teams
Pre-Game Speeches
Youth Sports Parents
Sports Psychology Jobs
Benefits of an Audience
Should Coaches Scream?
Retirement from Sports
Child Doesn't Make Team
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If you have not gotton a copy of this book yet, you are really missing out. You can order it by simply clicking on the book cover above which takes you to See what Tom Flores, Don Shula, Lesley Visser, Jim Jensen, NFL Films, Nick Lowery, Doug Blevins, Dan Johnson and Jim Martz had to say after reading this book, and you will be convinced that this is the cutting edge of not only football, but all sports!
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I hope this finds you all well and enjoying your challenges be they in sports, business, or other highly demanding situations in life. And these are precisely the areas in which sports psychology or mental coaching or success psychology can help. Today, I have outlined the key areas of mental performance. Ask yourself how you are
doing in each of these areas and feel free to call any time with a question or if you would like to get more seriously into the mental coaching by phone or in person in my Palm Beach office.  561-596-9898.
Before we get into the 8 mental skills needed for success, I wanted to share some feedback from my recent sports psychology workshop in Manhattan Beach, California, from the person who invited me:

“Hey John, Thanks again for a great workshop. The feedback I have received has all been positive. Aaron said he used the visualization while running and he said Tony was very excited. The girls I talked to also thought it was quite helpful. Janet told me that she and her partner Bobbie won their match this week. Before going out they discussed your some of your points and also between points. It worked for them. Let’s stay in touch. I could see doing another and using some visualization and video.”

Edwina Klein, Manhattan Beach Country Club, Manhattan Beach, CA, March, 2012

Mental Skill I Confidence

Are you as confident as you need to be in work or in sports? Mental training can help! This skills is so needed, that I sold it once on ebay for almost 300 dollars - an auction for confidence!
Mental Skill III

In addition to working hard, you really need to love what you are doing day in and day out. Without passion you might as well hang up your skates. Olli Jokinen is a passionate player who makes it fun and that makes it a lot easier for him on game day and also in tough practices. Mental Coaching is part of the key to that.
Mental Skill V

All Star NFL field goal kicker Nick Lowery showed amazing focus and concentration in becomming one of the leagues best ever place kickers. Mental training can help you with this all important skill!
Mental Skill VII
Energy Control

Rafael Nadal is a true champion who has learned to manage his energy and emotions wisely in competion and also draw energy from the crowd or calm down as needed. Mastering the energy sources is a major key in mental coaching.
Mental Skill II Discipline

Nothing works f you don't work hard. You need desire and an amazing effort. Don Shula displayed that well in his career. If you are lacking discipline, mental training can help you here to stay on track with the right amount of work and help inspire you!
Mental Skill IV Resilience

Tracy McGrady showed great resilience in coming back from micro fracture surgery and he also shows it in games in bouncing back from adversity. Mental coaching helped him and can help anyone to bounce back from a difficult situation rather than getting bogged down.
Mental Skill VI
Goal Setting

Raiders coach Tom Flores had a goal to not only get to the promised land, but to win the Super Bowl. He did it twice as a head coach, once as an assitant coach, and once as a player. Setting goals is crucial in mental coaching.
Mental Skill VIII

Romo was huge on imagery and said that it is what separates the good from great players. Imagery is also a critical component in mental coaching to help you improve.

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