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Friends:  Many of you have requested my radio clips on sports psychology.  While a lot is found at ... its even easier now for recent clips.  Just make your selections (including yesterday's ESPN)  by scrolling down and clicking your topic of interest.

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We discussed the notion of losing in sports and how teams, mainly in baseball, cope with losing, and this was in light of the Pittsburgh Pirate's futility in recent years.

Many audios here to choose from to provide a performance boost before an upcoming event. These audio tips are all approximately 2 minutes in duration.

Michael Smerconish with John F Murray across 55 Markets on Syndicated Radio
We discussed the NFL and a Newsweek article about focus and field goal kicking after a big miss by the San Diego Charger's kicker.

The 2009 Tiger Woods Scandal is Discussed with the Foolishness of Making Athletes our Role Models

Greg Kozarik is Obviously a Big Fan of the Mental Game as Shown in These Comments 

Full Interview with Greg Kozarik about Serious Clinical Psychology Problems and the Ridiculous Stigmas Associated with Seeking Help

Fox Sports Radio with Jeff DeForrest and Hall of Famer Lesley Discuss Sports Psychology and Culture 
Jeff and Lesley are two of the Best Sports Broadcasters and they Love Sports Psychology!

Discussion about Sports Psychology and Goal Setting for the New Year

Lively Discussion about Sports Psychology, the New York Mets, and the Mental Performance Index

Extensive Discussion about Sports Psychology 

Nice Discussion about the Essence of Performance Psychology

We discussed the Kiki's Post Race Mindset 

This is the First Bloomberg Interview when the MPI was called the "Murray Performance Index." The MPI has Evolved Since this Interview, but Concepts are Explained in an Interview Conducted Before the Oakland/Tamp Bay Super Bowl in which the MPI Indicated that Tampa Bay was Performing Much better even though Oakland was the Favorite.   


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