Dr. Murray Launches New Mind Games Column Today in Canesport

Canesport Publisher’s Note - August 29, 2011 -  Today we introduce a new feature to CaneSport.com and CaneSport Magazine called “Mind Games.” The column will be written each week by John Murray, a noted sports psychologist and author who has developed an index for evaluating the mental performance of players and coaches in games. We think it will provide all of us with a unique viewpoint each week as the Hurricanes navigate through a new season. In this introductory column, Murray tells us a little bit about himself and the index and comments on the Hurricanes’ mental rebound from the distractions of the Nevin Shapiro controversy.

Dear Readers,

the MPI and sports psychology commentary are taking a huge step forward by affiliating with Canesport. I am thrilled to be able to contribute weekly to an exciting venture with an amazing tradition. Starting today, I write about the NCAA investigation and how the team is coping with it.

The second column will appear after the first game against Maryland and what is new there is that the MPI report, graph and analysis will for the first time ever appear in a regular column, tracing team progress every week of the season.

For the first time in history, the mental performance of physical competitors will be included in a rating of their overall performance. I write about this in my new book "The Mental Performance Index: Ranking the Best Teams in Super Bowl History."  If you have not gotten your copy of this book yet, don't you think it's about time?


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