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We are on an 18-2 win streak! 
To know how rare that is, imagine flipping a coin, trying to get heads 18 of 20 times, and doing it!


In week 14, we again killed it and went 6-0-1 ... that is correct, undefeated!

The overall record is now an amazing 96-64-6 (60%) ... that is right, we finally hit 60% in picking games against a spread. My picks at Sports Watch Monitor place me now at the #2 ranking (using the nickname "The Football Shrink") against 100 of the best handicappers worldwide. I am also #1 in two other prominent contests, and will be updating you on all that later. Let's just say that all is going well this year, and the credit goes to knowledge, science, and understanding the mental game better than others!

In week 15, we have 7 picks again, but I cannot tell you how scared I am of these. I hate them in fact! But I cannot go against the system that has done so well. It's kind of like dancing with who brought you to the dance :-) ... even if your date is not exactly your ideal! So with great trepidation, but trust in the methodology, we present the 7 picks below:

6 games are played on Sunday with 1 Monday night game:

On Sunday:

Take the Bears +4.5 away against the Packers (Bet Online, -110).

Take the Broncos +11 away against the Chiefs (Jazz Live, -110).

Take the Dolphins +3.5 away against the Giants (Bet Online, -115).  

Take the Bills +2.5 away against the Steelers (Jazz Live, -110).  

Take the Jaguars +6.5 away against the Raiders (Bet Online, +100).

Take the Falcons +11 away against the 49ers (Jazz Live, -110). 

On Monday Night:

Take the Colts +9 away against the Saints (Bet Phoenix, -110).

That is crazy!  7 away teams and all 7 teams are underdogs! Is this the week I flop on my face? I will be happy, to be honest, if I can go 4-3! the winning streak we are on cannot last forever ... I have done too much of this to know that it can all turn in a flash. But so far, so good!

In review, we are now 96-64-6 (60%) overall picking sides against a known line.  This is really quite superb. But with only 160 win or loss games played, there is a long way to go to achieve statistical certainty at a level I am comfortable with. Everything is smooth sailing so far. One thing different from what I am doing versus so many others is that I am tough on myself. I will not declare victory until there are over 300, and maybe even 400 picks in ... and we probably need 1000 to convince some of the slower learners in sports about the extreme value of knowing mental performance. 

See all the picks, past and upcoming, the record of picks, articles on my system, and much more at the new website at the below website. Of particular interest are 4 very good articles that go way into depth about picking NFL games and the mission I am on.

If you would like to learn more about sports psychology and the other aspects of my work with clients, please visit the sites at: 
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