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Dear friends, clients, and colleagues,

Sports psychology is becoming more widely accepted in preparing athletes, business executives, performing artists, and many more for big events and competition. One example of the growth of the profession is evident at the UFC 100 event in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend, where I am working with an athlete at the biggest mixed martial arts event in history.

The fact is clearer than ever that mental skills can no longer be ignored or neglected in high performance situations. If you are not extremely confident in business, totally focused in sports, or setting proper goals in performing arts, you have not prepared yourself to be your best and have less of a chance against the smart performers who take the mental game seriously.

If you are interested, watch UFC 100 on television from almost anywhere in the world this weekend. In the UK, UFC is being shown on television for free! On comcast in the USA it is only a small fee. UFC fighters will display their talents in thrilling tests of willpower, strength, endurance, technique, pain tolerance, confidence, focus, energy control and more. In this kind of sport, anything can happen and the rules and standards have evolved to make it much more acceptable than it was in the beginning in 2000. It is now one of the fastest growing sports. 

This will be my first trip ever to Las Vegas. To share the experience, I will be blogging and sending Las Vegas videos posted to my main site so that you can join me in the excitement the way you might have done in recent weeks from Wimbledon, Stockholm, and Chicago. The sports psychologist in Las Vegas should be even more fun and interesting for me to share and for you to watch.

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John F Murray

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