Mental Coaching Update
Tennis Psychology 101   

Today I'd like to share my new column in Florida Tennis, where I wrote about the mental side of the men's draw of the 2010 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Championships in Key Biscayne. Do you remember who won?

I also hope some of you tune in and watch me on the Tennis Channel show "Fit to Hit" all this week and next (episodes 3 and 4) where I talk about goal setting, comebacks, and how to overturn a slump.

Mental Equipment Radio
It's been fun posting some of my past radio shows from WAXY 790 in Miami. I produced and broadcast a show called Mental Equipment, but those not in the Miami area would never have heard it, but now you can. I'll endeavor to update a few of them as soon as I can get the audio at the same quality level. Go to the main page of the website at to find links to these past shows. So far I've published the show one year after 911 on bereavement and PTSD, and a second one in which I interviewed tennis and sports broadcasting guru Vic Braden. Hope you enjoy these programs to help you become the best you can be.
Audio Tips a Big Hit
I'm very pleased to hear that sp many of you are enjoying and benefiting from listening to the two minute audio tips to improve your performance in a variety of areas. Keep up the good work and if you have not heard these yet, just go to Mental Audio Tips now.
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