Smart Tennis Sport Psychology Workshop

8th Annual London Event - Choose 1 of 2 Days - June 19
or 20
Plus a Full Year of Follow-up Sport Psychology Support

Sponsored by The Bulldog Club

Sponsored and Held at Sutton Tennis Academy

Conducted by Renowned Sports Psychologist Dr. John F. Murray,
Coach Paul Barton of London Tennis, and Occasional Celebrity Guests

"Thanks for the two-day workshop. I really enjoyed it and found it a huge benefit"

"Dr. Murray helped me and he can help you"

"Smart Tennis helps you win the inner match"

"Dr. Murray is an excellent psychologist and I look forward to doing more workshops with him"

"The London sports psychology seminar was an awesome learning experience"

"John F. Murray, PhD., is one of the best in the business and the Roger Federer of Sports Psychologists"

"Dr. Murray is a nationally renowned clinical and sports psychologist"

"Dr. Murray is one of the major psychologists in sports"
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How would you like a professional mental skills evaluation, feedback including your complete performance profile, and one year of tennis mental skills training? Join us on the Friday or Saturday before Wimbledon for:

1. Full day (on and off court) sports psychology seminar

2. Individual sports psychology evaluation, mental skills profile and written recommendations

3. Signed copy of the best-selling tennis psychology book "Smart Tennis" endorsed by Lindsay Davenport

4. Mini-tournament at the end of the day

5. Full-year of follow-up mental coaching support via email and phone with Dr. Murray.

While working with a sports psychologist for a year alone can cost over
10,000 Sterling, your total cost is about 5 Sterling per week!

Previous attendees have included celebrity spoon bender Uri Geller, tennis pro Barry Cowan, tennis pro Eric Taino, and top squash player in the history of India Ritwik Bhattacharya (see their comments to the left)


Choose the sports psychology evaluation and full year of training package and you will also receive a signed copy of "Smart Tennis: How to play and Win the Mental Game" cover endorsed by Lindsay Davenport.

This exciting event and year of training has been endorsed for over 5 years now by the top tennis academy in England, Sutton Tennis Academy.

Note: Tennis pros who bring at least three students are allowed to attend for free.

Cost for the full program is
275 Sterling and London Tennis members receive a 25 Sterling discount. Cost to attend just for the workshop is 99 Sterling (without individual evaluation or one-year of follow-up mental coaching).  

For more information or to sign up for one of these  exclusive and limited places, please contact Dr. John F. Murray or Paul Barton at:

John F. Murray, Ph.D.
Tel in USA: 561-596-9898        

Paul Barton
London Tennis Ltd
Tel in UK: 0202 8789 0482
Mobile: 07961 170675
Email -