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 October 5, 2009
How Can Dr. John F. Murray Help You Today?

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Dr. Murray recently agreed to teach a second college statistics class at South University only minutes from his office.  "I love to teach and it will be a great way to keep my statistics brain sharp for my upcoming book The Mental Performance Index: Ranking the Best Teams in Super Bowl History which will obviously have a strong quantatative componet."
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See below for extensive archive of key items from 2009! 

Whatever is happening on the site is right. Traffic is booming at JohnFMurray.com. The Alexa.com ranking has risen from 3,500,000 earlier this year to 639,411 on October 4, 2009. Clearly people are coming to this site more than ever today and taking notice, although the media has been fascinated by sports psychology for years. Now if we can only get all the sports franchise owners, managers and coaches on board, we'll be making even more progress! Thanks for your many visits and I'm glad to be of service.

This brief issue is for clients and students of the field. It is about how the services provided by Dr. John F. Murray help you and what students need to know to get into this exciting new science and profession that can help so many people in so many different ways.  
Must Read for Students Wishing to Become a Sports Psychologist

It outlines what you need to do to enter the field

 Must Read for Clients and Students Interested in Sports Psychology

It explains what authentic sports psychology is as a profession and how the public needs to know what they are getting.  
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Great Quotes Section Added
I've also added a new section for great quotes and we start with terrific quotes for coaches at:

See below for extensive archive of key items from 2009! 

New Audio Mental Tip (new tip each week)
Hear my new audio today on how to manage ANGER at: http://kikivale.com/live.php - It's All the Rage! LOL - sorry, had to say that!
The complete archive is on Kiki Vale's Chicago radio show site at: http://kikivale.com/archives-live-drjohn.php or if you prefer, you can see my archive page at: http://www.smartproinsight.com/mental-audio-tips.htm

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To make the site more melodic and fun, I started a Music Video of the Week Award four weeks ago. The current music video of the week is at:

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Great Quotes Section Added
I've also added a new section for great quotes and we start with terrific quotes for coaches at:

Please Weigh in on Flu Shots
I stared a debate on Facebook about whether flu shots are good or not and so far the No responses are killing the yes responses. What do you think?

Key Articles and Broadcasts in 2009 (a sample of 28)
Finally, Some of you asked for links to some of the best articles or audios this year, all in one place. I've listed below just a few of the key ones from 2009 that address sports psychology issues that I've enjoyed contributing to or writing about. There are many more on the site, but here are 28 all in one place

Fox Sports, 640 AM -- Radio with Lesley Visser and Jeff DeForrest

Wall Street Journal -- Baseball Teamwork 

Forbes -- Manager Ejections in Baseball

Washington Post -- Dealing with Losing

AP Wire and 70+ Publicatons -- Psychology of Drafting in the NFL

New York Baseball Digest -- Radio on Sports Psychology

CBS Sports -- Roger Federer

Radio SportsTalk Cleveland -- Sports Psychology and Serious Issues

Atlanta Journal Constitution -- Manners              

Squidoo -- Top 10 Reasons to See a Sports Psychologist 

JohnFMurray.com -- Focus in Football

Orlando Seninel -- Football Coaching

Sunday Telegraph -- Tennis Star Andy Murray

Las Vegas Review Journal -- Mixed Martial Arts Duing UFC 100

Indianapolis Star -- Depression in Baseball

CBS Sports -- David Ortiz and Psychology

JohnFMurray.com -- Meeting with NFL Quarterback Earl Morrall

Slate Magazine -- Insane Tennis Parents

Hartford Courant -- NASCAR, a Racing Prodigy, and Psychology

Orlando Sentinel -- NBA Basketball

Charleston Mercury -- Sports Psychology

Writers and Authors -- John F Murray Interview

Florida Tennis -- Psychology at the 2009 Ericcson Open in Key Biscayne

LA Daily News -- Basketball and Sports Psychology Issues Including Yelling

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- Success, Performance and Outcome

Tampa Tribune -- Keys to the Pre-Game Speech in Sports

Florida Times-Union -- Sports as an Outlet in Bad Economic Times

Seattle Post Intelligencer -- Sports in a Bad Economy

I hope you've enjoyed and a quick question for you. I'm looking for (1) reviewers for my upcoming football book, and (2) possible places to have my short-audio mental tips broadcast on a regular basis (like Paul Harvey used to do with "The Rest of the Story"??) ... anyway ... thanks if you have any ideas, can review the book yourself or give a blurb, and have any broadcasting ideaos or opportunities for these.    

Thanks and Best!

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Dr. Murray's "high performance psychology" helps people in a variety of challenging situations in business, sports, academics and life. He is a best-selling author & columnist and frequent speaker and seminar leader, and his commentary appears almost daily in the media. For example, Dr. Murray recently contributed to publications such as Forbes, Washington Post, NY Times, LA Daily News, and Newsday, and he appears as an expert on local radio and televsion shows and national shows such as Fox Television (Neil Cavuto, John Gibson), MSNBC, ABC Good Morning America, NPR Radio, CNN Radio, ABC Radio, Bloomberg Radio and many more.  

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