Beating Recession Blues Together

Dr. John F Murray Institutes a 15% Across the Board Savings for Services Focused on Stress Caused by this Economy


Special Bulletin on Economy          October, 2009
Dear friends, clients, colleagues and family,

I hope you enjoy and find useful this issue developed to help you access some strategies to better cope in this trying economic time. I began the year with this focus, and it has not gotten much better over the months. We are all in this together, and it is my conviction that clinical psychology is needed more than ever by people. It offers a tremendous science of health care and support. I hope you will also be pleased that today I am beginning a three month savings program of 15% for those who seek counseling that is related to financial stress and the economy. Call me today at 561-596-9898 and we'll get you started!

Lawyer/Psychologist Bob Woody Offers Some Wisdom for these Financial Times

Paraphrasing and borrowing from a public forum article written by influential Nebraska psychologist/lawyer Robert Woody are three important points to remember when faced with the economic stress we now encounter:

First, psychology is a sturdy and essential profession, particularly because of the structural support gained from behavioral science. Although provided in a humanistic framework, psychological services are, thanks to science, second to no other health-related service.

Second, many psychologists are engaging policymakers and making them aware that real people are suffering, and they are helping to shape policies that affect our society now and in the future. If you are a professional in this field, you are encouraged to speak our for everyone in society.

Third, psychology is one of the truly positive professions. In their book, Systems of Psychotherapy (7th ed., 2010), James Prochaska and John Norcross note that, “Positive psychology aims to build on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, and communities, and societies to thrive” (p. 530). As psychologists help people cope with financial hard times, they can also help them strengthen their own pro-social behavior that sustains, enriches, and develops society to allow EVERYONE to thrive and flourish.

Comment and New Offer to Potential Clients from Dr. John F. Murray, Florida Licensed Clinical Psychologist

To help make matters a little easier for clients who are coming to me for general counseling, consultation, or workshops about the financial stress of our times, I have decided to implement an across the board discount of 15% on all clinical psychology services for the three months. Please be sure to tell me that you read this here and if your situation relates to a financial need caused by the unstable economy, I will gladly give you the discount. My fees are already less for general clients than for athletes and the additional needs and specialty, this will encourage more to seek help and to get it at a savings. Insurance can be used as well in many instances, and I can explain. Just call me at 561-596-9898.

Great and Famous Quotes Can Help you Keep Your Spirits Up in this Mess!

I added a great quotes section to the website and encourage you all to check in and derive some inspiration and wisdom on coping iwth the economy by listening to these great voices, most from the past, about how they dealt with extraordinary circumstances! 

Relax with Music

Music can also be a great source of coping resources and I have begun a Music Video of the Week section for you to enjoy. Please send me your picks!
Dr.John's Tips on Coping with Financial Stress & Distress
Click here for a link to some articles that deal with the issue of the newsletter and offer some tips and strategies to cope a little better. 
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